Policies and Procedures

Last Amended: 1-17-19

Office of the President

The President presides at all meetings, sets the agenda, and directs the organization. The President shall be responsible for communicating with the UNL Chancellor and NU President.

Office of the Treasurer

Dues Structure and Financial Report: The Treasurer shall have responsibility for managing and reporting on all Association accounts including: the checking account; all University of Nebraska (NU) Foundation accounts, the UNL cost center, income from membership dues, luncheon fees, and donations. The Treasurer is responsible for paying all approved expenses of the Association and reports regularly to the Board.

Management of Finances: Management of Association funds are handled through an Association checking account, NU Foundation accounts, and an internal UNL cost center.

Use of Wisherd Foundation Funds: The Association through its Board has wide latitude in use of Wisherd Foundation Funds. “As the Fund is to be used for the benefit of the Association, it may be used to benefit individual members or more broadly all members as determined by the Board.” Keith Miles, NU Foundation General Counsel, (February, 2010)

Nominating Committee

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall serve as the Nominating Committee. Each year the committee shall put forth the names of nominees for the office of Vice-President/Program Chair for the coming year, a Director for the expiring three-year term, and any other elected positions to the Board that may be vacant. Procedures for additional nominations and subsequent election are outlined in the Constitution/Bylaws.

Composition of the Board of Directors

The Board shall consist of the President, President-elect/Program Chair, Past President, three Directors elected from the membership to staggered three-year terms, a Treasurer, a Secretary and Chairs of all standing committees.

Executive Committee:. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors is composed of the immediate Past-President, President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Chair. The President serves as chair. Actions of the committee require an affirmative vote of four of the six members.

Membership Meetings

Membership meetings are typically held in the East Campus Union the third week of the month in October, November, January, February, March, and April on alternating Tuesdays or Thursdays to the extent possible. Meetings begin at 11:30 a.m. and generally include a business meeting, speaker or other entertainment, and an optional luncheon.

Recognition of Members:. New members will be recognized and introduced at an Association luncheon or other appropriate meeting.

Board of Directors Meetings

Regular Board meetings are held each month of the academic year as scheduled by the President. An annual planning retreat (with lunch) is held in early December.

Review of Meeting Minutes

Prior to posting on the Association website, minutes of membership and board meetings shall be distributed to and reviewed by the Board. After review and corrections, if any, minutes will be posted. This will include any attachments to the minutes.

Communication with Membership

E-mail shall be the principle means of communicating with Association members. Two U.S. postal mailings (yellow postcards) will be made in the fall and spring identifying the dates and speakers for the monthly luncheons. An Association newsletter is distributed twice each year, spring and fall. A website is maintained by UNL Communications with direction from the chair of the Website Committee.

Cancellation of Association Meetings

Weather cancellation of Association meetings is guided by decisions of Lincoln Public Schools. When school is canceled, meetings are cancelled.

Committee Functions and Responsibilities

I. Awards

The Awards Committee shall administer the awards program as approved by the Board of Directors.

II. Benefits

The Chair shall compile a list of benefits available to Emeriti and retirees, keep it current, and share the information with the membership via the Association’s website.

III. Bylaws and Policy Committee

The Bylaws and Policy Committee will review the constitution, bylaws and policies of the Association and will bring suggestions for revisions to the Board of Directors.

IV. Educational Events

The Educational Events Committee is responsible for promoting and conducting programs of interest to the Association. This includes, but is not limited to, planning tours on and off campus, maintaining a collaborative relationship with Osher Lifetime Learning Institute (OLLI), and planning/promoting other educational events. The Committee is also involved in producing and maintaining oral histories based upon extended interviews with UNL faculty, staff and administrators sharing thoughts on their experiences and time at UNL.

Oral History: Oral history is a project of the Association that interviews and video records current and former members of the UNL community. Interviews cover a range of topics including experiences that led to careers at UNL, the activities and views of faculty, administrators and students on campus at the time, campus facilities, and contributions of the University to research, service and teaching. Potential oral history invitees may be suggested by the Board and are approved by the Board.

V. Membership

The Membership Committee shall maintain a database of names and addresses of members and the surviving spouse/partner of deceased members, including information for categorizing members in ways relevant to Association’s business and activities. It shall produce information including electronic mailing lists requested by officers, the Board, committee chairs and other agencies approved by the Board. It shall report to the Board on the number of members and other information relevant to its responsibilities.

Retirees eligible for membership shall receive a letter of invitation to join the Association from the President or Chair of the Membership Committee, including the current Association brochure, if available, describing programs and activities of the Association. Member Association dues are billed each year. First year membership is free for all new members. Should membership lapse, members will be retained on the listserv for three years, unless they request that their names be removed.

Collegial Membership: Collegial members are those who hold emeritus or emerita status from any university or college Collegial members shall have full voting rights on all Association business and be eligible to serve in any Association capacity including the Board of Directors.

Policies for Sharing Association Infornation:

1. Names and mailing addresses can be made available to the UN Foundation and UNL President for the annual Foundation and President’s Emeriti luncheons.

2. Names and mailing addresses can be made available to the UNL print shop or campus post office for Association business.

3. All or parts of the database can be made available to Association officers, the Board and standing committee chairs.

4. Any other uses or sharing of information from the database requires approval by the Board, and if granted, shall be one-time use for the specific purpose of the request. If the Board is unable to meet, approval can be given by unanimous consent of the president, vice-president, and past-president or other board members should one or more of these officers be unavailable.

VI. Publications

The Publications Committee has responsibility for producing at least two newsletters a year, one in the spring, and one in the fall, for distribution to the membership and others with an interest in Association activities. These contain information related to Association events, programs, members and other information of significance to the Association and its membership. Past newsletters are available on the Association’s website. The Committee is also responsible for periodically producing a new recruitment brochure.

VII. Social Events

The Social Events Committee is to promote good fellowship among the emeriti and retirees of UNL. The Committee is responsible for scheduling coffee house chats; holiday events, and other social activities.

VIII. UNL Faculty/Staff Relations

This Committee shall have at least three members. These members shall each serve as liaisons to each of these groups, (1) Faculty Senate, (2) University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association (UNOPA), and (3) University Association for Administrative Development (UAAD). One of the three liaisons will be appointed by the President to serve as chair of the Committee.

IX. Website

The Website Committee keeps track of all changes to Association programs and activities featured on the Association’s website as well as new programs and activities and communicates these to UNL Communications for posting on the website. This includes minutes of monthly board and association meetings, a roster of members, oral histories as they become available, committee functions and duties, an annual updating of changes reflecting the election of new officers, and any other changes necessary to keep the membership and others informed regarding Association programs and activities that are approved by the Board.

Affiliated Organizations

The Association is affiliated with the Big Ten Retirees Association and the Association of Retirees Organization in Higher Education (AROHE). The President and Vice President or two members from the Board selected by the Board will represent the Association at the annual Big Ten Retirees Association meeting. The Board may also elect to send representatives to the annual AROHE meeting. The Association is also an affiliate of the UNL Alumni Association and maintains an office and has a mailing address in the Wick Alumni Center.

Edited and Revised by the Board of Directors on December 13, 2016, January 12, 2017, December 05, 2018.