Welcome to the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association

Rita Kean portrait

It has been a busy spring  for the UNL Emeriti and Retiree Association (ERA) and we have much to share with you!  Below is a quick summary of  meetings and contacts over the past few months.

  • Jeff Keown, Vice President, arranged excellent speakers for our Luncheon/Association meetings this Spring!  On January 18, 2018,  Dr. Donde A. Plowman, UNL Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Academic Officer spoke with attendees about UNL and Its Future.  On February 20, one of our own members, Kim Hachiya provided an insightful presentation on Japanese American Internment and  the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.    Matt Waite, Professor of Practice, College of Journalism and Mass Communication shared with us his research on Drones and the First Amendment on March 20, and on April 19, Dr. Joe Luck, associate Professor and Extension Specialist for Precision Agriculture, Department of Biological Systems Engineering presentation was 21st Century Technologies for Agricultural Production Systems.  All presentations were well received by luncheon attendees.   A $50 donation was made to the UN Foundation -UNL Library Fund in honor of each of the four presenters.  A summary of each person’s presentation will be featured in our next newsletter.
  • Thanks to the work of  Al Seagren and Pat Crews, the Board approved establishment of two  awards to honor ERA members for Service to the Community and for Service to the University.   A third award, the Wisherd Award for  Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities Grant was revised and approved.  The 2018 Service to the Community Award was presented to Richard Dienstbier and the 2018 Service to the University Award was presented to John Bernthal.  A $400 donation will be made in each person’s honor to the UNL Emergency Aid to Students program at UNL or to a charitable organization selected by the recipient. Two Wisherd Awards for Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities Grant were given to to Don Weeks and to Don Johnson.  Our next newsletter will feature each of the recipients of the 2018 awards.
  • In early April, Julie Johnson, Jeff Keown and I met with Shelley Zaborowski, Executive Director of the UNL Alumni Association and Carrie Myers, Senior Director of Alumni Engagement about collaborations between ERA and the UNL Alumni Association.   On July 20, the Alumni Association is sponsoring the Future Huskers University a day long program where Alumni members and their Grandchildren, ages 7-13 can participate in various activities across campus.  They also provided NU Alumni Travel Program brochures for 2018-19, which were distributed to ERA members at the April luncheon.
  • The Board met with Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Linda Major in January 2018 to learn about opportunities for Emeriti & Retiree members to participate with students in service learning activities.  We are awaiting a proposal from she and Vice Chancellor Lori Bellows.
  • In November 2017, the Board met with Senior Associate VC Amy Goodburn about the First-Generation Project sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs.  Emeriti & Retiree Association members who are first generation college graduates were invited to attend a reception with current UNL first generation college students.  Several members attended the November social gathering. 
  • Justin Brown, Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid also met with the Board about the UNL Emergency Aid to Students program, a program designed to assist students who are in need of immediate financial aid.   The Board decided to donate funds to the UNL Emergency Aid to Students program in honor of the Award winners for Service to the Community and Service to the University unless the award recipient indicated another charitable organization.
  • The Emeriti & Retirees Association in collaboration with OLLI will offer two courses per year to all ERA members at the OLLI membership rate.  The OLLI course will be open to all UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association members and the OLLI membership requirement is waived.  In Spring 2018, the designated course offered was, From Prairie College to Big Ten, a history of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  We look forward to future courses offered to ERA members.
  • Kay Rockwell and Doug Zatechka led a tour of the newly constructed Cather Pound Dining Facility and the University Housing Offices on Friday, March 23.  It was well attended and received.
  • Thanks to Rita and Don Weeks for planning several social gatherings this Spring.  The next coffee is  scheduled for May 9, 9:30 am  on the deck at  Wilderness Ridge.
  • Julie Johnson and I met with members of UNOPA on April 10 to talk about ERA and invite retirees to join us.  I also spoke with those attending the UNL Retirement Seminars on April 11 about our organization and its offerings to members.  

The Board joins me in thanking you for your continued support and look forward to you joining us at our events throughout 2018.  Your thoughts and ideas for the organization are important to us.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me at rkean1@unl.edu.

Rita Kean, President