October 2018 Board Minutes

October 2018 Board Minutes Wick Alumni Center

Members Present: Members present: Kean, Hawkey, Schinstock, Comer, Jose, Johnson, Gildersleeve, Bernthal, Hachiya. Keown, Weeks, Rockwell

President Rita Kean called the meeting to order at 1:30pm.

 1. Memory Moments.

  • Maria Szerszen, Civil Engineering
  • Dolores Nadine Mather, spouse of Floyd Mather
  • Lila Tooker, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • Roy Dillon, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication
  • James Hassler, Agricultural Economics
  • Aubrey Forrest

2. September Board Minutes. The minutes of the September 2018 board meeting were approved as presented.

 3. Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Earl Hawkey presented the treasurer’s report and declared the organization solvent.

4. Association Luncheon Meetings 2018-2019. President-elect Jeff Keown announced the following programs for the 2018-2019 association year.

  • October 16, 2018—David Landis, Director of Urban Development, City of Lincoln
  • November 8, 2018—Adam Wagler, Assistant Professor of Practice, Advertising and Public Relations, College of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • January 17, 2019—Connie Reimers Hild, Director UNL Rural Futures Institute
  • February 21, 2019—Bill Moos, Athletics Director University of Nebraska
  • March 9, 2019—Heath Mellow, Association Vice President for University Affairs and Director of State Relations, University of Nebraska
  • April 18, 2019—Fred Luthans, Professor Emeritus, College of Business

The need for a new meeting location and new lunch venues was discussed. Potential locaitons discussed were the Wick Alumni Center, Lancaster County Extension office, Massengale Hall, and Varner Hall. Adequate parking, food quality/drink quantity and presentation equipment were all brought up as issues to consider when looking at this concern.

 5. Board Elections. In addition to selecting a board member whose term would end in 2022, the board also needed to identify  someone to serve the remainder of Duane Eversoll’s term ending in 2019. After consulting the bylaws for policy, the following slate of board nominees was identified for presentation to the membership at the association’s October 10, 2018 meeting.

  • President-elect—Jack Schinstock
  • Board Members—John Bernthal (2019) and Kim Hachiya (2022)

If there are no further nominations at the October meeting, these individuals will be elected by consensus.

 6. Committee Reports.

  • Membership—No report.
  • Awards—No report.
  • Newsletter—Julie Johnson reminded those who were to prepare summaries of monthly association programs to get them to Doug Jose in a reasonable time and that they should be between 300 and 400 words. She hopes to provide summary guidelines and style format in the near future. She reminded Jeff Keown he needs to provide a photo and vision comments for the spring newsletter. Also, minutes of the following board meetings are needed for the newsletter: January 2018, May 2018, October 2017, and November 2017.
  • Coffee House Chats. Don Weeks announced the upcoming Coffee House Chats.
    • The Mill at Innovation Campus the second Wednesday of November.
    • Christmas party at the home of Jeff and Gail Keown on December 12.
    • Spring Coffee House Chat schedule is being prepared.
  • Tours. Kay Rockwell announced the next tour will be the Whittier Building on Wednesday, October 15. So far, 55 people have signed up for the tour and 31 plan to attend lunch after. Kay asked for suggestions for a spring tour.
  • Policies and Bylaws—No report.
  • Benefits. Sue Gildersleeve will be assuming these responsibilities during the absence of Doug Zatechka.

 7. Updates.

  • Earl Hawkey gave an oral report on the Big Ten Conference Emeriti Association which he and Jack Schinstock attended in August. He also provided board members with a written report.
  • Katie Williams, Associate Executive Director for Marking Communications for the Nebraska Alumni Association, provided an update on some NAA efforts.
  • A special feedback meeting for members of the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association for the N150 project is scheduled on October 17 from 10:45-11:45am in the Heritage Room of the Nebraska Union.
  • Jeff Keown and Rita Kean will attend the October 11 UNL Retirement Seminar. Expected attendance is 125 at each of the two sessions.

 8. New Business.

  • Assistance at UNL commencement is being requested from UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association members . Time commitment is from 7:30-9:30am. Formal requests will be sent later in the semester.
  • The board requested more information from the Honors Program regarding their request for assistance with courses and other activities. Most board members seem reluctant to make a time commitment of a full semester.
  • Question: Is a Professor of Practice viewed by the university as an emeriti or retiree?

 Meeting adjourned.

 Respectfully submitted,

Jack Schinstock

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