October 2015 Association Minutes

October 2015 Association Minutes

A luncheon was served to approximately 101 members plus 9 who brought their lunches.

Program: Vice-President and Program Chair, James Griesen, introduced Nebraska University President, Hank M. Bounds, who spoke on the Challenges and Opportunities Facing the University of Nebraska. He spoke of his own experiences and his interest in

becoming the new President of NU. Among areas for improving the future with NU resources were: water and food supply, expansion of research, early childhood education, growth of the institution, and providing Nebraska with an educated work force. He mentioned the two hundred million dollar initiative to be used to enable Nebraska students to attend NU. A study of facilities to provide data on future risks for the campus will provide data for making campus facilities development revenue models. Recruitment of non-Nebraska students, and provision of support resources to enable a rise in retention rates are important, as is recognition that the “Land Grant” campus is a university for the people and needs to define and lead as a “flagship” campus. An interesting question and answer period followed. President Bounds is eligible for membership in the Emeriti Association, and was told his first year would be dues-free. Vice-President Griesen presented President Bounds with an Emeriti Coffee Mug as a thank you.

Business Meeting. Duane Eversoll, president, convened the business meeting at 12:55 pm.

  1. Memory Moments were held for:

    Neil L. Munson, Curriculum and Instruction

    Eugene Merchant, Dentistry

    Jayne Wade Anderson, Greek Affairs

    Judy Wendorff, International Affairs

  2. Web Site. Members were reminded that Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports are on the web site.
  3. Big Ten Conference. Pres. Eversoll reminded members that planning for the Big X Retiree’s Organization Conference for August 2016 is proceeding, and he invited contributions in support of this effort.
  4. Election of Officers. In September, information on nominees from the Nominations Committee was reported to the membership. Nominees are: President Elect, Julie Johnson; and New Board Member (3 year term), Rita Kean. No further nominees were made from the floor. Al Seagren moved and Bob Diffendal seconded the motion that the proposed slate be accepted. Motion passed.
  5. Secretary. It was announced that Delivee Wright will retire as Secretary in December. Members interested in serving in this position should contact Duane Eversoll or Jim Griesen.
  6. Newsletter. Julie Johnson, Charlyne Berens, and John Comer have developed an Association newsletter. Copies were available for all. They were thanked for their good work on this project.
  7. Ad Hoc Committee on broadening UNL Emeriti. Duane Eversoll announced committee members are: Jim Griesen, Chair; Jack Goebel; Al Seagren, and Delivee Wright.
  8. Announcements.
  9. Next Emeriti Luncheon Meeting. Tuesday, November 17, 2015, Professor Emeritus Richard A. Dienstbier, will speak on Building Resistance to Stress and Aging: The Toughness Model. Members were encouraged to look up Prof. Dienstbier’s recent book on aging.

  10. October Coffee Chat. UNL Emeriti’s Spook Party; Karen & Gary Heusel, hosts; 7640 Davies Drive; Thursday, October 29th, 9:30 am. Bring a treat to share. Costumes suggested but not required.
  11. November Coffee House Chat and Fall Tour. Special Activity celebrating Behind the Scenes Maintenance that impacted your teaching, research and extension careers on campus. Thursday, November 19, 2015, 9:30 am, Coffee and tete-a-tete. Recreation & Wellness Center on East Campus, (1717 N. 35th Street), Fall Tour: EC Utility Plant.
  12. December Coffee House Chat. UNL Emeriti’s Holiday Celebration; Kay and Lee Rockwell, hosts; 2101 South 66th Street; Wednesday, December 16th, 9:30 am. Bring a treat to share.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Submitted By: Delivee Wright, Secretary