November 2016 Board Minutes

November 2016 Board Minutes

Members Present: John Comer, Duane Eversoll, Jack Goebel, Jim Griesen, Julie Johnson,
Rita Kean, Jeff Keown, Roger Kirby, Kay Rockwell, Al Seagren, Doug Zatechka.

Jim Griesen, President, called the meeting to order at 12:30 pm.

  1. Finance Report- Jack Goebel/Jim Griesen

    Wisherd Spendable Account $20,686
    Emeriti Association Fund (Building to Endowment) 9,973
    Big Ten Conference NU Foundation Account 2,720
    Wells Fargo Checking Account 9,413
    Wells Fargo Big Ten Checking Account 536

    Jim Griesen noted that there are still @ $1,000 of outstanding expenses remaining from the Big 10 Conference.
  2. December Board Retreat. VP Julie Johnson reported arrangements will be made for the annual Board Retreat to be held on December 13 from 11:00AM- 2:00PM at the ECU. Lunch will be served.
  3. October Survey Regarding Luncheon Options. VP Johnson reviewed the results from the survey on luncheon/ food preferences distributed to members at the October 18 luncheon. In summary, respondents for the most part prefer luncheon meetings be held at current time (11:30AM – 1:00PM) on campus.
  4. Spring Semester Programs and Estimated Luncheon Costs.
    • Rita Kean reported that she, Doug Zatechka and Julie Johnson met with Dr. Susan Weller, Director of the University Museum who will speak at the January 18 luncheon meeting.
    • The Board approved a change in date for the February luncheon from Tuesday, February 19 to Thursday, February 23. Director Shawn Eichorst (as of 11/11/16) will be the featured speaker.
    • Al Seagren moved that the charge for the Spring 2017 luncheons be increased to $20.00 per person. It was seconded by Jack Goebel. The motion was approved (10 -Yes, 1-No).
  5. Coffee/Holiday Party Events.
    • Kay Rockwell reported on the successful tour of the new Newman Center building led by chief architect and UNL graduate, Kevin Clark. Rita Kean will write thank you letters to Kevin Clark and Marlene Beyke.
    • The Christmas Party will be hosted by Kay and Lee Rockwell on December 15 at 9:30 AM.
    • Rockwell thanked Jeff Keown for hosting the Halloween Party.
    • Rockwell asked Board members for ideas for future tours.
  6. OLLI Committee Participation Opportunity. Kay Rockwell asked the Board for suggestions of persons who could serve on the OLLI Committee.
  7. Rights of Collegial Members. Jim Griesen requested a vote by the Board on the issue of rights for collegial members of the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association. The Constitution/Bylaws (as of 11/19/16) states that

    Collegial Membership may be granted by the Board of the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association to any person holding emeritus or emerita status from any university or college; and to any UNL Professional Staff member or Office and Service Staff member who has officially retired from the University and is recommended by an Association member. All Members are franchised to vote on matters affecting the Association.

    Al Seagren moved to grant Collegial Members with retirement status (as defined in Regents Bylaw 3.12.1) who have joined the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association the right to serve as directors and officers of the organization. Julie Johnson seconded and the Board voted unanimously in favor.
  8. Collegial Membership Application Process. Board members clarified that Collegial Members must pay dues their first year and each year after. Faculty with Emeriti status will continue to receive free membership their first year; however, they must pay yearly dues after their first year.
  9. Proposed Collegial Members. Jim Griesen distributed a letter and list of five names of individuals to whom he would like to send the letter, inviting them to become a Collegial Member of the Association (see Attachments A , B & C). The Board approved extending membership invitations to the five individuals. It was suggested that information about the Association be sent with the letter of invitation, and Julie Johnson stated that the Association Brochure needs to be updated. Until that is completed a reference to the Association website will be included.
  10. Meeting with Chancellor Ronnie Green. Julie Johnson reported that she and Jim Griesen met with Chancellor Green on October 20. Chancellor Green is very supportive of the Emeriti Association and has several ideas for cooperation between the Association and UNL. Johnson suggested that Association members be surveyed as to their ideas as to the type of service activities would be most appropriate. Doug Zatechka mentioned the New Student Enrollment Take A Parent to Lunch program as an example of how Emeriti faculty could serve the institution.
  11. Scheduled meeting with Shelly Zaborowski to discuss the NU Association’s proposal. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 15 at 10AM. Jim Griesen, Julie Johnson and Rita Kean will attend.
  12. Committee Chairs for 2017. (See Attachment D.)
  13. Change in Schedule: Below is an updated list of the proposed meeting schedule for the 2017 calendar year. Note change in date for February luncheon.
Submitted By: Rita Kean, Treasurer