Zelma Wisherd
(UN Graduate; photo, 1920)

Zelma Wisherd willed her estate to the University of Nebraska Foundation in 1981. Twenty percent was dedicated to a newly established Maude E. Wisherd Memorial Fund for the “welfare and comfort” of the UNL Emeriti Association.

Like many who settled in Nebraska, the Wisherd family were pioneers. On December 1. 2009, Emeriti Association President Lowell Moser summarized the family history at the dedication of Zelma’s grave stone. Click here for his remarks.

Maude Wisherd worked as a librarian at the University of Nebraska from 1916 to 1955. She was awarded the rank of Assistant Professor in 1949. She worked in the library of the Nebraska State History Society from 1955 to 1966. She died in 1978 at the age of 94. She participated in Emeriti activities after the Association's founding in 1961.

Maude Wisherd
Maude Wisherd
(Photo, circa 1962)