• Maintain a database of names and addresses of Association members and the surviving spouse/partner of deceased members, including information for categorizing members in ways relevant to Association business and activities;
  • Produce electronic mailing lists requested by officers, the Board, committee  chairs and other agencies approved by the Board.

Policies for Sharing Emeriti Information

  1. All information in the database can be shared with the UNL Accounting Office (the original source of the information) whenever requested.
  2. Names and mailing addresses can be made available to the UN Foundation or UN President for the annual Foundation and President Emeriti luncheons.
  3. Names and mailing addresses can be made available to the UNL print shop or campus post office for Association business.
  4. All or parts of the database can be made available to Association officers, the Board and standing committee chairs.
  5. Any other use or sharing of information from the database requires approval by the Board, and if granted, shall be one-time use for the specific purpose of the request. If the Board is unavailable, approval can be given by unanimous consent of the president, vice-president, and past-president or other board members should one or more of these officers be unavailable.

Alfred Stark, Chair,

Please contact Alfred with questions, comments, and suggestions including corrections to the database.