Welcome to the UNL Emeriti Association



I was fortunate to attend the Big Ten Retirees Association meeting at the University of Michigan last August as a representative of the UNL Emeriti. The theme was "Fostering a Healthy and Purposeful Retirement" and several presenters shared current research on the subject. One jokingly observed that medical research would eventually come up with a pill. Should it happen, no doubt many of us would be unable to afford it at least until it goes generic?

While the question of how to foster a healthy and purposeful retirement is an important one, the answer may not be as difficult as you think and does not require the discovery of a magic pill. Research tells us what leads to a healthier life. Proper diet is important, as is exercise. Avoiding certain nasty habits like smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol maybe more important than anything else.

Research tells us that an element important to both a healthy and purposeful life, whether one is retired or still working, is an active and engaging social life. What does this involve? It is no mystery. It is meeting and talking with people, old friends and of course new ones. It is doing things in a group, traveling, reading and discussing a good book, working on a community project, and of course much more. Those who get out and do things with others lead a healthier life and by their own assessment a more meaningful one than those who do not. They also live longer.

Now you can interact socially with family, neighbors, your bridge group or golfing friends, and I am sure many of you do. But let me also suggest interacting with individuals like you who spent a career serving the people of the great State of Nebraska as faculty members of UNL by joining UNL's Emeriti Association

While I cannot guarantee a longer life by joining the Emeriti, I can promise a number of activities that you will enjoy. The monthly luncheons in the fall and spring are a way to stay in touch and enjoy speakers from academia, public service, business, the professions, and other walks of life sharing thoughts on timely and interesting subjects. You can also participate in leisurely and informal conversations at our Coffee House Chats, tour facilities such as UNL's new physics laboratory or walk the tall grass prairie at Spring Creek.

Of course the big prize of Emeriti Association membership is the opportunity to continue relationships with individuals who you worked with or alongside of and build relationships with others who you may or may not know but who were and still are a part of a great university. This, of course, you can get only through Emeriti membership.

Annually, representatives from the Big 10 universities share what they do in the way of program to aid their retirees in making retirement a positive and purposeful time of life. You can help us do the same thing for UNL Emeriti. Hope to see you at the next luncheon.

There are also selective benefits available to emeriti such as campus parking privileges and discounts at the bookstore. Clicking on the home page menu items on the left side of the page will provide more information on these and other benefits of membership in the Emeriti Association.

John Comer, President 2014