Welcome to the UNL Emeriti Association

Duane Eversoll

It is indeed an honor to serve as President of the Emeriti Association. In thinking about the coming year, I looked again at the purposes of the Emeriti Association as outlined in the bylaws. These are 1. Promote social activities among members 2. Foster discussion of issues and concerns of importance to members and 3. Encourage sharing of knowledge and expertise relevant to retirees. I will work to see that we continue to promote these goals in the fine tradition that they have been promoted in the past.

We will, of course, continue with the coffee house chats and social gatherings, such as the annual Halloween and holiday socials. We will continue with trips and tours, like those to the Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior and Holland Scientific. The new discussion circle provides a forum for sharing ideas and perspectives on pressing international issues.

I would also hope to see and work on providing greater opportunities for faculty to engage with UNL in a way that is mutually beneficial to Emeriti members and the University. Drawing on the experience and expertise of retirees by their universities in a wide variety of areas is a recurring theme of many including a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education by Janette Brown, Executive Director of the Association of Retired Organizations in Higher Education. It was also the theme of the 2014 Big Ten Retirees Association meeting at the University of Minnesota.

Emeriti are an underutilized resource of colleges and universities. UNL Emeriti should do more to make their skills and talents available to the University and the University should make a greater effort to take advantage of their skills and talents.

I very much look forward to seeing you at Emeriti functions and working with you in Emeriti programs.

Duane Eversoll, President 2015