September 2018 Board Minutes

September 2018 Board Minutes East Campus Union

Members Present: John Bernthal, John Comer, Pat Crews, Sue Gildersleeve, Earl Hawkey, Julie Johnson, Doug Jose, Rita Kean, Jeff Keown, Kay Rockwell, Jack Schinstock, Vi Schroeder, Don Weeks

The meeting was called to order at 1:35 by President Rita Kean. President Kean welcomed our newest board member, Sue Gildersleeve. Sue will serve during Doug Zatechka’s leave of absence. Doug is doing weak, but gaining strength and doing well.

 1. Memory Moments.

  • Jack Goebel, Professor School of Accountancy and Administrator
  • Frank R. Kuhn, Nebraska Union
  • Gregory McGuire, Housing
  • Harold (Hal) Lindy, Allen, Continuing Education and Ag Extension
  • Danielle Silsbee, Textiles, Merchandising, Fashion Design
  • Sandra Herzinger, University Library
  • Carolyn Edwards, Psychology and Child, Youth and Family Studies
  • Delores Nadine Mather, Spouse of Floyd Mather, Poultry Science
  • Amy Tuttle, Nutrition

 2. Approval of May 10, 2018 Board Minutes.

Jeff Keown moved, Don Weeks seconded approval of May 2018 board minutes. Motion approved.

 3. University Honors Program Presentation

President Kean introduced Patrice McMahon, Director, University Honors Program, and Maria Benes, Graduate Assistant, University Honors Program. They presented the proposal, “The Masters: An Intergenerational Community of Teaching and Learning”. The vision of this proposal involves mentoring among three groups: faculty (including emeriti), teaching assistants (graduate and advanced Honors undergraduates), and Honors undergraduate students. The Honors program is being re-envisioned, and there is opportunity for emeriti professors to participate in the intergenerational teaching and learning community.

 Questions and discussion followed as emeriti attempted to determine how they might be involved. Discussion included time commitment, assist professors without weekly teaching, mentor without teaching, flexibility, study abroad options, matching passion with course offerings. McMahon and Benes to review possibilities and perhaps send out questionnaire to emeriti.

 4. Treasurer’s Report.

Earl Hawkey reported the checking account is solvent, but there are some pending expenditures.

 5. Luncheons and Association Meetings.

Vice President Jeff Keown reported programs are scheduled through February 2019.        

  • Fall 2018.      
    • September 24—Foundation lunch at Nebraska Innovation Campus
    • October 16—David Landis, Department of Urban Development. Topic: Relationship with UNL
    • November 8—Adam Wagler, Assistant Professor, Advertising and Public Relations, College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Topic: Virtual Reality Education
  • Spring 2019.
    • January 17—Connie Reimers-Hild, PhD, CPC, Interim Executive Director and Chief Futurist, Rural Futures Institute at the University of Nebraska
    • February 21—Bill Moos, Athletics Director, University of Nebraska
    • March 19—TBD (possibly Heath Mello, Associate Vice President for University Affairs, University of Nebraska)
    • April 18—TBD
  • Other Venues. Varner Hall has been suggested as a venue for luncheons. It has parking. ss available without charge, and has caterers who serve the space. The only negative expressed was whether there was enough space to serve lunch to 50-80 people. Discussion followed with possibility of using the space if Heath Mellow is the speaker for the March 2019 meeting.

 6. Reports.

  • Membership. No report.
  • Awards. Pat Crews announced a report has been received from Don Johnson about the research results from his Wisherd Grant. Crews will make it available to Vi Schroeder to distribute with the minutes.  Wisherd grant forms and nomination forms for service to the university and the community will be posted on the webpage with a March 1, 2019 deadline. Forms will be available at the registration table at general membership meetings.
  • Newsletter. President Kean congratulated Julie Johnson, Doug Jose and Charlyne Berens for their work on the Fall Newsletter. It has been well received by the membership. Copies of the newsletter will be sent to the UNL administrators and the Big10. Doug Jose asked members of the board to volunteer to write summaries of the program speakers for 2018-2019. John Comer will ask Bob Chambers if he is willing to create a cartoon for the next newsletter.
  • Website/webpage. John Comer reported the Fall Newsletter has been posted on the webpage.
  • Faculty Senate. Jack Schinstock reported on a busy Faculty Senate Meeting. Approximately one-third of the meeting was dedicated to Chancellor Ronnie Green. Other items of interest discussed at the meeting included: university ensure by AAUP, new format of commencement (breaking undergraduate commencement into two ceremonies by college) and the need for additional help working commencement, faculty compensation, health care benefits, and reinstatement of the Ombudsperson position. Faculty awards were given at the meeting. Jim Griesen, UNL ERA board, received the Pound Award.
  • Coffee House Chats. There was discussion regarding alternating days of the week for Coffee House Chats so that people who have standing appointments on usual meeting dates might attend.
    • October—tour of Prem Paul Center (Whittier Building) instead of coffee house chat
    • November—Coffee House Chat at The Mill (Nebraska Innovation Campus)
    • December—Christmas party at the Keown home.
  • Tours. Kay Rockwell reminded the board of the upcoming tour of the Prem Paul Center (Whittier Building) on October 15. Coffee begins at 9am with the tour starting at 9:30. There also is an option of lunch following the tour.
  • Policies and Bylaws. No report.
  • Benefits. President Kean thanked Sue Gildersleeve for volunteering to be responsible for Benefits while Doug Zatechtka is on leave of absence. No report.

 7. Updates.

  • Meetings.
    • President Kean, Vice President Keown and Past-President Johnson met with Chancellor Ronnie Green and Mike Zeleny on June 21, 2018.
    • Kean, Keown and Johnson also met with President Bounds and Provost Fritz.
      • President Bounds suggest UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association might invite Heath Mello, NU Association Vice President for University Affairs and Director of State Relations, to address the membership about the NU state relations strategy. Keown will attempt to arrange this for a spring meeting.
      • President Bounds also suggested meeting with Jackie Ostrowicki, NU Assistant Vice President and Director of Marketing and Strategic communication, and her UNL counterpart, Deb Fiddelke, to develop a strategy for reaching former and retiring UNL staff members to let them know about the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association.
  • OLLI Classes.
    • Fall 2018 class for UNL ERA members without paying OLLI membership was “They Call Us Russions! Germans from Russia”
    • Next class beginning in October is “Winston Churchill”
  • Pre-retirement Meetings. President Kean and Vice President Keown will represent the organization at the Pre—retirement meetings on October 11, 2018.
  • NEB 150. Mike Zeleny suggested a possible emeriti and retirees session with NEB 150 facilitators after the October general membership meeting. President Kean will follow-up with Zeleny.

 8. New Officers and Board Members.

President Kean led a discussion about potential nominees for the positions of Vice President and board member (2). She will contact the persons who were suggested for each position and notify the board of the outcome at the October board meeting. The names of the persons agreeing to be nominated will then be presented to the general membership at the October meeting.

 The meeting was adjourned at 2:30pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Vi Schroeder, Secretary

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