September 2016 Board Minutes

September 2016 Board Minutes

Members Present: John Bernthal, John Comer, Jack Goebel, Jim Griesen, Julie Johnson, Rita Kean, Jeff Keown, Roger Kirby, Al Seagren, Doug Zatechka

Call to Order. Emeriti President James Griesen called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm.

  1. Final Report on Big 10 Conference hosted by the UNL Emeriti Association, August 5- August 7, 2016. Jim Griesen thanked John Bernthal, Julie Johnson, Al Seagren and Jack Goebel for their planning and execution of the successful BIG 10 conference. He also noted that Jeff Keown did a great job of narrating the bus tour of the campus. Griesen reported as of 9/15/16 it appears there will be more than $2,000.00 remaining in the conference checking account when all outstanding bills are paid. He also indicated that all of the conference sessions and tour were well received by the attendees. The average score on the conference evaluation form for the overall conference was 4.8 on a five-point scale.

  2. Officers and Directors for 2017

    • Jim Griesen announced that the formal nomination of Rita Kean to serve as Vice President & President-elect for 2017 will be presented to the Emeriti Association in October, 2016.
    • John Bernthal moved and Jack Goebel seconded the nomination of Duane Eversoll to fill a three-year term on the Board of Directors ending in 2019, and for Jeff Keown serve the remaining two years of Rita Kean’s Director Term (ending in 2018). The Board voted unanimous approval.
    • In accord with the Constitution/Bylaws Julie Johnson will move from President-Elect to President on January 1st.

  3. Changes to Bylaws. Griesen distributed the proposed amendments to the Constitution/Bylaws for the Board members to review. Discussion followed and editorial changes were made. Doug Zatechka moved to present the proposed changes to the Constitution/Bylaws to the Emeriti Association members for their approval at the October luncheon meeting. John Bernthal seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved as revised by the Board.

    • Jim Griesen will notify the Emeriti Association membership of the proposed changes to the Constitution/Bylaws via email or postal mail before the end of September, as required by the current Constitution/Bylaws.
    • Jim Griesen and Julie Johnson will meet with Chancellor Ronnie Green to review the changes to the Constitution/Bylaws, seek his input regarding how the Emeriti Association might best serve UNL, and ask for his support.
  4. Emeriti Association Relationship with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). Jim Griesen welcomed Dee Aguilar, Coordinator of OLLI at UNL. She distributed a handout that explained the partnership between OLLI and the Emeriti 2 Association and listed the Emeriti Association Members who have also been OLLI members since 2006-07. Aguilar indicated there are currently 1600 members of OLLI at UNL.

    • Jim Griesen asked the Board if the agreement with OLLI should remain as stands. Doug Zatechka made the motion to continue the Emeriti agreement with OLLI. The motion was seconded by John Bernthal and received a unanimous vote from Board members to continue as is.
  5. Proposed Meeting Schedules: President Griesen distributed a list of the remaining meeting schedule for 2016 and the proposed meeting schedule for the 2017 calendar year:

    Johnson reminded attendees that Chancellor Perlman is the featured speaker for the April 21, 2016 Emeriti luncheon at the East Campus Union. Perlman will offer reflections on his tenure at Chancellor of UNL.

    September 15 (Thursday) Governing Board Meeting
    September 22 (Thursday) Foundation Luncheon- Innovation Campus
    October 4 (Tuesday) Executive Committee Meeting
    October 11 (Tuesday) Governing Board Meeting
    October 18 (Tuesday) Membership Luncheon – East Campus Union
    November 3 (Thursday) Executive Committee Meeting
    November 10 (Thursday) Governing Board Meeting
    November 17 (Thursday) Membership Luncheon- East Campus Union
    December 6 (Tuesday) Executive Committee Meeting
    December 13 (Tuesday) Governing Board Retreat (11:00 AM- 2:00 PM)

  6. 2017

    Month Executive Committee Board of Directors Luncheon Meeting
    January 5-Thursday 12-Thursday 19 -Thursday
    February 7-Tuesday 14-Tuesday 21-Tuesday
    March 2-Thursday 9-Thursday 16-Thursday
    April 4-Tuesday 11-Tuesday 18-Tuesday
    May 4-Thursday 11-Thursday President’s lunch-TBA
    June 6-Tuesday*
    September 7-Thursday 14-Thursday Foundation Lunch-TBA
    October 3-Tuesday 10-Tuesday 17-Tuesday
    November 2-Thursday 9-Thursday 16-Thursday
    December 5-Tuesday 12-Tuesday** No Luncheon Meeting

    *If needed   **Board Retreat

  7. The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 PM.
    The next Board Meeting is October 11 at the Wick Alumni Center.

  8. Memory Moments: April 8 – September 22, 2016
    JohnBallard – Professor of Industrial Engineering (4/29)
    Dona Brockly- Student Health Services Nurse (8/2)
    Theresa Dolezal – UNL Admissions Secretary (7/2)
    Earl Ellington – Professor of Animal Science (6/14)
    Charles Godwin, Professor of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education (5/9)
    Robert Hansen - Conservation and Survey Department (5/9)
    Allan McCutcheon, of Lincoln - Professor of Statistics and Survey Research and Methodology (5/3)
    Prem Paul – Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development (9/2)
    Wilfred Schutz - Biometrics and Information (4/25)
    Thomas Thompson - Professor of Microbiology (8/9)

Respectfully submitted, Rita Kean, Secretary

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