Olli (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute)

OLLI at UNL is an organization designed specifically for those over 50 who enjoy learning new things. It is one of 119 lifelong learning programs supported by the Bernard Osher Foundation on college campuses across the country. Courses cover a variety of topics and areas of interest. Association members are heavily involved in teaching OLLI courses and serving in leadership roles.

Members Charlene Berens, Irv Omtvedt, Kay Rockwell, and Dan Wheeler serve on the Advisory Council, the governing board for OLLI,.

Recent sessions found Emeriti teaching a number of different courses. Ben Rader co- taught a course on The Victorian Era: The Beginning of the Modern Age. He also organized and co-taught Populism: From Julius Caesar to Donald Trump. David Forsythe co-taught Terrorism: Where Violence Meets Politics.  Dick Dienstbier taught Stress, Aging and the Brain.  Bob Stoddard taught Two Pioneer Men focusing on T.H Robertson and Benton Aldrich, men who played a prominent role in the early days of Nebraska statehood.  Kay Rockwell leads an ongoing reading group, Reading with OLLI Friends.