October 2017 Association Minutes

October 2017 Association Minutes East Campus Union 11:30 am

Call to Order. President Julie Johnson calledthe meeting to order at 12:00pm.

Memory Moments. President Johnson read the Memory Moments listing and asked members to pause for a moment of silence to honor those listed.

Frank Eldridge, Animal Science, Jean Holtzclaw (spouse of Henry), Helen L. Hiatt, Evelyn W. Speights, Ron Joekel, Robert John Hardy, Willing A. Tuning, Albert Dale Flowerday, William (Bill) Saunders, A. Birk Adams, John Alonzo “Papo” Hill, Lawrence S. Kohel, Bob Elliott, Cal Bentz, Catherine Elaine Cave, Debra Marie Roadway, Don Benning, Hazel Lee Miller, Ivan Thomas Rathbone, Jay B. Fitzgerald, Juan Franco, Leon Rottman, Nary Louise Rule, Mary V. Adams Thompson, Maxine R. Jennings, Michael Boosalis, Nancy Algene Porter, Raymond “Ray” Edwin Records, Raymond Lester Borchers, Shirley Keeney Servers, Violetta Haddal, Melvin ”Mel” R. Price, Bruce Edward Kopplin, . Loyd Kari Fischer, Deanna Lea Eversoll, Joan Gieseke, Karl Kuivinen.

Luncheon Program/Introduction of the Speaker.  Vice President Rita Kean introduced the speaker, Mike Boehm, Harlan Vice Chancellor for the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and University of Nebraska Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources. Dr. Boehm is new to the campus and described the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources from his perspective as its new leader. He also described a day-long event. “Growing Nebraska” being held on November 8, 2017, an interactive summit focused on building partnerships to find sustainable and creative solutions to critical issues in Nebraska. He encouraged registration on the part of emeriti and retirees who have interest or know of someone who would have interest.

Nominations for Board of Directors. President Johnson reported the nominees for association vice president, Jeff Keown, and board member, Nancy Aden. She entertained further nominations from the floor (with any nominees consenting to the nomination). There were no further nominations. Bob Diffendahl moved and John Bernthal seconded the nominations of Keown as vice president and Aden as board member. Kay Rockwell moved and John Bernthal that nominations be closed. The slate was unanimously approved.

Alumni Association Proposal. President Johnson reported the Emeriti and Retirees Association had been considering a proposal from the Nebraska Alumni Association (NAA) to deepen our partnership with them. However, after careful review and consideration, the board declined their offer of a deeper partnership. A resolution was passed by the board “to not partner at this time.” The association will still continue our current positive relationship with NAA as they have been very supportive or our association and have provided us with important resources such as office space, conference room space, and newsletter publication. These resources will not change. Our concerns for a deeper partnership were related to our autonomy, identity and financial wellbeing.

Newsletter. President Johnson reported that the Emeriti and Retirees Association Newsletter for Fall 2017 contains a written report on the Big Ten Emeriti/Retiree conference from Rita Kean and Doug Zatechka who attended the conference. The newsletter also contains a written report on the membership information survey results from last spring written by Jim Griesen.

Membership. Membership chair Roger Kirby provided a written report. Total membership is 661: 622 emeritus members and 39 retiree members, with 472 members living close enough to Lincoln to participate regularly in activities. John Comer modified the association website to allow retirees to enroll online. The association is opening its membership to retirees throughout the University of Nebraska including Varner Hall, and spouses or retired staff and administrators who have passed away will be admitted as spousal members. While these new membership efforts are in their early stages, we anticipate that retirees will ultimately become a significant portion of our active membership.

President Johnson spoke to the two retirement seminars held on City Campus on Tuesday, October 3, 2017. Each participant (approximately 300 people) received an association brochure. There will be additional seminars in the spring.

To inform campus staff organizations that our association is includes all retirees, President Johnson and Vice President Kean met with UAAD (University Association for Administrative Development) on Wednesday, October 4. Another meeting is scheduled with UNOPA (University of Nebraska Office Personnel Association) on Tuesday, November 7.

Treasurer’s Report/Budget. Treasurer Earl Hawkey provided attending members with a written treasurer’s financial report. He pronounced the association solvent.

Other Reports.

  • Coffee House Chats
    • October 30, 9:30am—Halloween Coffee at Lee and Ray Rockwell’s home, 2101 South 66th Street
    • December 14, 9:30am—Holiday Coffee at Jeff and Gail Keown’s home, 9340 Whispering Wind Road
  • Member Relations Tour
    • November 7, 8:30am—Pre-tour coffee at the Mill on Innovation Campus
    • November 7, 9:00am—Tour Nebraska Innovation Studio (Maker’s Space), 2021 Innovation Drive, Entrance B. RSVP by November 3 to krockwell1@unl.edu

Doug Zatechka and Kay Rockwell are planning a tour of the housing offices and related areas for spring semester.

  • Faculty Senate Committee.  No report from the Faculty Senate. Jeff Keown is currently the Faculty Senate liaison, but he will become the association vice president. He suggested Jack Schinstock take his place as liaison, and Jack was introduced.
  • Website. There is a new events calendar on the association website.
  • Benefits. Doug Zatechka is developing new emeriti and retiree benefits lists for the association members now that the Nebraska Alumni Association proposal has been resolved.

Program of Work. President Johnson reported it has been a busy year, but there are only four items yet to be completed in the association’s 2017 Program of Work.

  • Revision of benefits listings (in process)
  • Establishment of association awards (in process)
  • Implementation of October and November luncheons (scheduled)
  • Meeting with UNOPA board regarding eligibility of retirees for membership in the association (scheduled).

President Johnson adjourned the meeting at 12:58pm.


Submitted By: Vi Schroeder, Secretary