October 2016 Board Minutes

October 2016 Board Minutes

Members Present: John Bernthal, John Comer, Jim Griesen, Julie Johnson, Doug Jose, Rita Kean, Jeff Keown, Roger Kirby, Al Seagren, Doug Zatechka

Call to Order. Emeriti President James Griesen called the meeting to order at 1:04 pm.

  1. Final Report on Big 10 Conference hosted by the UNL Emeriti Association, August 5- August 7, 2016. Jim Griesen indicated the conference received very favorable reviews from attendees. A final report will be available upon receipt of the final budget for the conference,

  2. Officers and Directors for 2017 (see Attachment A).

    • Jim Griesen announced that the proposed amendments to the Constitution/Bylaws (see # 3below and Attachment B) and the Board Nominations for 2017 VP/ President-Elect (Rita Kean) and Elected Directors (Duane Eversol-three-year term ending in 2019, and Jeff Keown to serve the remaining two years of Rita Kean’s Director Term ending in 2018) was sent to the Emeriti Association members on September 26 (see Attachment A).
    • Griesen stated he did not receive any additional nominations from Association members as of October 11. The Board’s nomination slate will be presented to the Association members at the October 18 luncheon.
  3. Amendments to Constitution/Bylaws (see Attachment B).

    • Jim Griesen notified the Emeriti Association membership of the proposed changes to the Constitution/Bylaws via email on September 26 as required by the current Constitution/Bylaws.
    • There will be paper copies of the proposed amendments distributed at the October 18 luncheon.
  4. Discussion Regarding Venues and Caterers for 2017.

    • Julie Johnson noted that members currently pay $15.00 for their meal at the Emeriti luncheons; however, the actual cost for the October luncheon at the IQSC is $23.26 per meal. Luncheon costs include food as well as additional costs for drinks, table settings and linens, and in some cases, needed equipment.
    • Use of both the City and East Campus Unions for meals requires the use of the official UNL caterer, Premier Catering. For example, the November luncheon to be held at the ECU will cost @ 18.00 per meal.
    • Johnson will distribute a survey to members at the October 18 luncheon asking for their preferences for costs for luncheons or snack food at meetings.
    • Discussion took place among Board members regarding potential venues on and off campus as well as caterers.
  5. Meeting with Chancellor Ronnie Green. Jim Griesen indicated he and Julie Johnson will meet with Chancellor Green on October 20 to discuss

    • how the Emeriti Association can help meet his stated mission and goals for UNL.
    • Chancellor Green’s view of the proposal from the Alumni Association regarding the collaboration with the Emeriti Association.
    • needed financial support for the Emeriti Association from either the Chancellor or the NU Foundation.
  6. Proposed Meeting Schedules: President Griesen distributed a list of the proposed meeting schedule for the 2017 calendar year:

    Month Executive Committee Board of Directors Luncheon Meeting
    January 5-Thursday 12-Thursday 19 -Thursday
    February 7-Tuesday 14-Tuesday 21-Tuesday
    March 2-Thursday 9-Thursday 16-Thursday
    April 4-Tuesday 11-Tuesday 18-Tuesday
    May 4-Thursday 11-Thursday President’s lunch-TBA
    June 6-Tuesday*
    September 7-Thursday 14-Thursday Foundation Lunch-TBA
    October 3-Tuesday 10-Tuesday 17-Tuesday
    November 2-Thursday 9-Thursday 16-Thursday
    December 5-Tuesday 12-Tuesday** No Luncheon Meeting

    *If needed   **Board Retreat

  7. Other Business:

    • Julie Johnson suggested that the membership of the Emeriti Board Executive Committee be clarified in official documents, as it has been expanded.
    • John Comer is working on a revision of policies and procedures document and hopes to have it completed by the December 12 Board Retreat.
    • Doug Jose will be responsible for the Newsletter for 2017. Charlene Berens will continue to edit the newsletter. Julie Johnson asked Board members to volunteer to write a short (3-4 paragraphs) summary of the featured luncheon speaker’s presentation and to take their photo. She indicated the speaker should receive a draft of the summary for her/his approval before it is submitted for final edit. She circulated a signup sheet for Board members to indicate which luncheon speaker they will take responsibility.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:25 PM. The next Board Meeting is November 10, 1:00 p.m. at the Wick Alumni Center.

Respectfully submitted, Rita Kean, Secretary

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