October 19, 2016 Association Minutes

October 19, 2016 Association Minutes International Quilt Study Center & Museum

  1. VP Johnson introduced UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green who spoke of his plans for the future of UNL.
  2. Call to Order. Emeriti President James Griesen called the meeting to order at 12:50 pm.
  3. Memory Moments
    John Ballard – Professor of Industrial Engineering (4/29)
    Dona Brockly- Student Health Services Nurse (8/2)
    Theresa Dolezal – UNL Admissions Secretary (7/2)
    Earl Ellington – Professor of Animal Science (6/14)
    Charles Godwin, Professor of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education (5/9)
    Robert Hansen - Conservation and Survey Department (5/9)
    Allan McCutcheon, of Lincoln - Professor of Statistics and Survey Research and Methodology (5/3)
    Prem Paul – Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development (9/2)
    Wilfred Schutz - Biometrics and Information (4/25)
    Thomas Thompson - Professor of Microbiology (8/9)
  4. Final Report on Big 10 Conference hosted by the UNL Emeriti Association, August 5- August 7, 2016. President Griesen indicated the conference received very favorable reviews from attendees.
  5. Board Nominations for 2107. President Griesen announced the following Board Nominations for 2017
    • VP/ President-Elect Rita Kean and
    • Elected Directors (Duane Eversol-three-year term ending in 2019
    • Jeff Keown to serve the remaining two years of Rita Kean’s Director Term ending in 2018) was sent to the Emeriti Association members on September 26 The nominations were unanimously approved by the Association members present
  6. Changes in the Constitutional Bylaws (see Attachment A.) President Griesen proposed the following changes in the Constitutional Bylaws. These had been emailed to members and three copies of the changes were distributed to each table.
    • Name Change: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Emeriti and Retirees Association.
    • Membership Status: Collegial Membership may be granted by the Board of the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association to any person holding emeritus or emerita status from any university or college; and to any UNL Professional Staff member or Office and Service Staff member who has officially retired from the University and is recommended by an Association member.
    • Dates for Nomination and Elections: By September 30 of each year, the Board will nominate one person to serve as Vice President/President elect and one person for a Director’s position. Association Members will receive the nominations, have opportunity to nominate others for the two positions. A final vote will be taken at the October meeting of the Association.
    • Committees. The Association shall have the following standing committees: BENEFITS, AWARDS, MEMBERSHIP, MEMBER RELATIONS, NEWSLETTER, and WEBSITE. The President shall appoint the chairs and members of the standing committees, and may appoint ad hoc committees and liaisons as needed to address the objectives of the Association.
    • Dues:The Board of directors is authorized to set membership dues as warranted by expenses.

      The membership voted by majority to accept the changes in the Constitutional Bylaws.
  7. Survey of Members Preferences for Meeting Venues, Meal Costs. Vice President Johnson noted that the cost of the luncheon meal has risen to the point that the Association can no longer subsidize the cost of meal. Members were asked to complete a survey of their preferences for meeting venues, meeting times, type of luncheon or snack and cost of food. She will report results of the survey at the November 17 meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15p.m.

Submitted By: Rita Kean, Secretary