November 2018 Association Minutes

November 2018 Association Minutes Nebraska East Union 11:30 AM

 1.  Call to Order   -  Rita Kean, President

 2.  Memory Moments- October 12, 2018 – November  6, 2018

Sidney Hahn Culver  - Instructor, Foreign languages, Mike Loehring -  Engineering, Nanette “Nan” Hope Graf - English, David Wysong – Plant Pathology

 3.  NU Alumni Association Representative – waiting to hear from SZ

 4.  Treasurer’s Report – Earl Hawkey

 5.  Updates: Rita Kean

  • OLLI courses for Spring 2019

Term 3.  Brain Matters: Aging & Cognition – meets once- February 1,  2019   9am -11m   $5.00

Term 4.  Life's Lessons – meets weekly - March 25 – April 29  $30.00

  • N150 -  25+ attended special session for Emeriti & Retirees on Oct 17 as well as other sessions held that day for their input.  Emeriti & Retirees who did not participate were asked to read the N150 report and provide their input using the survey found on the website.  Emeriti & Retirees will continue to be updated as to the final report.
  • Coffee Chats
    • Wednesday, Nov. 14: The Mill Coffee Shop on Innovation Campus (2021 Transformation Drive, Innovation Campus)
    • Wednesday, Dec. 12: Holiday Party at the home of Gail and Jeff Keown (9340 Whispering Wind Road, Wilderness Ridge

6. Introduction of Board for 2019 (see handout) – Rita Kean

 7.  Introduction of Luncheon Speaker – Jeff Keown

Adam Wagler, Assistant Professor, Advertising and Public Relations, College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Virtual Reality Education

 8.  Future Luncheons – Jeff Keown

  • January 17—Connie Reimers-Hild, PhD, CPC, Executive Director and Chief Futurist, Rural Futures Institute at the University of Nebraska
  • February 21—Bill Moos, Athletics Director, University of Nebraska
  • March 19- Heath Mello, Associate Vice President for University Affairs, University of Nebraska
  • April 18—Fred Luthans - George Holmes Distinguished Professor of Management, College of Business, University of Nebraska


Submitted By: Vi Schroeder, Secretary