November 2016 Association Minutes

November 2016 Association Minutes East Campus Union 11:30 AM.

  1. Luncheon Program. VP Johnson introduced Dona-Gene Barton, Professor –Political Science. Her topic was After the Election-Now What?
  2. Call to Order. President James Griesen called the meeting to order at 12:15 PM. He recognized two new association members attending the luncheon program, Dr. W. Earl Hawkey, Retired Director of Registration and Records, and Glen T. Schuman, Retired Associate Director of Housing.
  3. Luncheon Survey. VP Johnson reported results from the October survey of Association members as to preferences for meeting times, venues and menus. She reported that members
    • were very supportive of continuing the luncheon meetings, as it was a way of meeting colleagues and friends
    • wanted luncheons to remain on campus. Some described it as going home
    • agreed to eliminate table cloths/napkins/silverware due to extra cost
    • agreed to raise the price of the luncheons to $20.00
    • thought that although parking is adequate it can be problematic
  4. Meeting with Chancellor Ronnie Green. Pres Greisen and VP Johnson met with Chancellor Ronnie Green who is extremely supportive of the Emeriti/Retirees Association. He would like members to become more involved with undergraduate and graduate students.
  5. Meeting the Nebraska Alumni Association. Pres Greisen, VP Johnson and VP-elect Rita Kean met with Shelley Zabarowski, Executive Director, Nebraska Alumni Association and Carrie Meyers, Director of Alumni Engagement to further discuss the relationship with the Alumni Association. The NU Alumni Association is very supportive of the Emeriti/Retirees Association and discussions between the two organizations will continue.
  6. Christmas Party. President Griesen announced the 2016 Christmas Party will be hosted by Kay and Lee Rockwell on December 15 at their home. Additional information will be sent to Emeriti/Association members. Johnson thanked Jeff Keown for hosting the Halloween Party at his home.
  7. Spring 2017 Luncheons. President Griesen asked VP-elect Rita Kean to announce the schedule and speakers for Spring 2017. Kean reported the following dates/speakers:
    • Thursday, January 19. The Evolving Role of the Nebraska State Museum- Susan Weller, Director University of Nebraska Museum and Professor, Department of Entomology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • Thursday, February 23. Shawn Eichorst, Director of Athletics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
    • Thursday, March 16. A Warrior of the People - Joe Starita, Professor of Journalism, College of Journalism and Mass Communications will discuss his newly published book about America’s first Native American doctor, Susan La Flesche Picotte.
    • Tuesday, April 18. Great Plains Geology - Robert Diffendal, Emeritus Professor Survey Division- School of Natural Resources, and Adjunct Professor, University Museum will discuss his newly published book.
  8. Members should receive the official Yellow Card announcing the Spring luncheons in early December. All luncheons for the 2017 year will be held at the ECU. The cost of the luncheon will be $20 each.
  9. Lottery Draw. President Griesen drew names of recipients of donated UNL favors left over from the Big Ten Conferences hosted by UNL this past summer.
  10. President Greisen extended his warm appreciation to Association members and handed over the Presidential gavel to President-elect Julie Johnson. The meeting was adjourned at 12:55 PM.
Submitted By: Rita Kean, Secretary