November 2015 Association Minutes

November 2015 Association Minutes East Campus Union

A luncheon was served to approximately 104 members plus 9 who brought their lunches.

Program: Vice-President and Program Chair, James Griesen, introduced UNL Professor Emeritus, Richard A. Dienstbier who spoke on “Building Resistance to Stress and Aging: The Toughness Model.” He discussed research results relating to stressors that result in degradation of the brain and rob mental capacities, and some activities that “toughen” us in the areas of stress tolerance, fluid intelligence, capacity for affection, and enhanced energy. Research results from neuroscience, genetics, stress, and aging indicate stimulating cognitive enhancements, aerobic exercise, meditation or “mindfulness”, and nurturing activities all can contribute to improving one’s quality of life in aging. An interesting question and answer period followed. Vice-President Griesen presented Prof. Dienstbier with an Emeriti Coffee Mug as a thank you.

Business Meeting. Duane Eversoll, president, convened the business meeting at 12:45 pm.

  1. Memory Moments were held for:

    Barbara Guenter, Spouse of Robert Guenter, Architecture

    Dorothy Johnson, Spouse of Don Johnson, Engineering

    Morris Schneider, Engineering

    Lois Schwab, Home Economics

    Mary Jane Steward, Spouse of Cecil Steward, Architecture

  2. Web Site. Members were reminded that Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports are on the web site
  3. Fall Elections: Newly elected officers are: Vice-President and Program Chair, Julie Johnson, Education and Family Sciences; and Board Member, three year term, Rita Kean, Textiles and Clothing Design.
  4. New Secretary: Rita Kean will also serve as the new Secretary of the Board.
  5. Certificate of Appreciation was awarded to Delivee Wright for her service on the Board and long service (six years) as Secretary. John Comer, Past-President, was also presented a Certificate of Appreciation for his Service to the Association.

  6. Big Ten Conference. Pres. Eversoll reported that planning for the Big X Retiree’s Organization Conference for August 2016 is proceeding.
  7. Newsletter. Julie Johnson was thanked for the fine job she did on the development of the Association newsletter.
  8. November Coffee House Chat and Fall Tour. Special Activity celebrating Behind the Scenes Maintenance that impacted your teaching, research and extension careers on campus will be held on Thursday, November 19, 2015, 9:30 am, Coffee and tete-a-tete. Recreation & Wellness Center on East Campus, (1717 N. 35th Street), Fall Tour: EC Utility Plant.

12. December Coffee House Chat. UNL Emeriti’s Holiday Celebration; Kay and Lee Rockwell, hosts; 2101 South 66th Street; Wednesday, December 16th, 9:30 am. Bring a treat to share. John Comer also asked that people bring a gag gift if they would like to participate in a fun-filled gift exchange.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:05 pm.

Submitted By: Delivee Wright, Secretary