March 2017 Board Minutes

March 2017 Board Minutes

Members Present: John Bernthal, John Comer, Jack Goebel, Jim Griesen, Julie Johnson, Doug Jose, Rita Kean, Roger Kirby, Vi Schroeder, Doug Zatechka, Don Weeks

1. Memory Moments:

  • Thomas Wesley Dorn, Extension
  • Clinton A. Hoover, Nebraska Center for Continuing Education, Extension
  • Janet Kay (Longsine) John, UNMC College of Dentistry
  • Daniela Aileen O’Keefe, Horticulture
  • Karen Kay Weed, Student Health Center
  • Max Poole, Educational Administrati

2. Collegial Memberships. 

  • President Johnson reported 19 collegial members have been approved and sent letters (see attachment). 
  • Additional potential new members:
    • Del Weed
    • Kim Hachiya
    • Gene Krienert

Moved by Jim Griesen, seconded by Vi Schroeder that new collegial members be approved; motion carried.

  • President Johnson distributed copies of the draft letter to send to all eligible retirees. During the discussion it was recommended that the language in the last paragraph be amended to indicate the first year membership is free, $25 annually thereafter. Moved by Jack Goebel, seconded by John Cromer that the letter as amended be sent to all former retirees. Motion carried.
  • Roger Kirby announced John Comer has already added a membership form to the association website with a submit button. It is located in a section entitled “Become a Member”.
  • Jim Griesen provided copies of letterhead for the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association. He will send an electronic file to board members.
  • President Johnson asked about contents of a new member packet to be provided to Human Resources for distribution to new retirees. Discussion followed encouraging a simple packet of information (letter, brochure, newsletter).

3. Other Meetings Update.

  • President Johnson, Vice President Rita Kean, and Past President Jim Griesen plan to meet with University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds and Susan Fritz. Because of the busy schedule at Central Administration, the meeting will be set at a future date (secretary to contact Johnson).
  • There has been no update from the Nebraska Alumni Association regarding the proposal. Past President Griesen will contact Shelley Zaborowski to determine schedule.
  • The President’s Retiree Luncheon has been set for Friday, June 2, 2017 at the Embassy Suites in LaVista, NE.

4. Treasurer’s Report/Budget. 

  • President Johnson contacted Kim Bilder at the University of Nebraska Foundation regarding moving forward with the funds transfer. Bilder is sending Johnson materials to sign.
  • Jack Goebel reported little change in the checking account, but 18-20 annual memberships have been paid since last month.

5. Programs Update.

  • Vice President Rita Kean reported Joe Starita will be the speaker at the general membership meeting Thursday of next week, March 16. Kean will run the meeting as Johnson will be out of town. There are 38 people signed up for the meeting as of today; Kean will send out a reminder email tomorrow.
  • Bob Diffendahl is ready to present at the April meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 18. 
  • June 2 is the President’s Retiree Luncheon.
  • September (date TBA) is the Chancellor’s luncheon
  • Tuesday, October 17, the speaker will be Mike Boehm, Harlan Vice Chancellor of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Vice President of Agriculture and Natural Resources for the University of Nebraska System.
  • A speaker for the November meeting is still unsettled. Roger Kirby offered to contact John Woolham (Electrical Engineering) to check his availability.

6.  Survey Progress.

Past President Jim Griesen announced the member survey committee is working on finalizing the survey. They are hoping to send it to members yet in March.

7. Committee and Liaison Reports. 

  • Newsletter Committee. 
    • Brochure. The three brochure options provided by the Jacht Ad Club generated good discussion, both by email and at the board meeting. President Johnson distributed copies of the current brochure and brochures from the University of Iowa and the University of Wisconsin retirees associations to encourage further discussion. Summary of comments:
      • Need more photos as the organization is people and their activities.
      • Too much white space. While some is needed to encourage reading, there is too little content and too much white space. 
      • Type of photos/information in the last two brochures should be considered to better explain the organization.
      • Listing of types of meetings, social events, and tours should emphasize the diversity of activities and not focus too much on parties
      • Name of organization should be correct and typos eliminated (history)
      • Like the idea of three purposes emphasized (but the association may have more) but there should be more content and the word partake should be replaced with participate.
      • More information on membership, dues and webpage.
      • Headline on front panel should be association’s name, not university logo. Logo belongs on the back panel, N on the front panel to identify with UNL.
      • Mention of Big 10 Retirees Association
      • Designs receiving most positive comment, #1 and #3.
    • A working group comprised of the newsletter committee, Julie Johnson, John Comer, and Vi Schroeder will review comments and prepare a response to the Jacht Ad Club. Meeting set for Monday, March 27, at 9:00am in the conference room of the Home Economics Building.
    • Newsletter. Doug Jose is looking for features for the fall newsletter and for volunteers to review the speakers at the meetings. Duane Eversoll will write the review of Bob Diffendahl’s presentation in April.
    • Video. Doug Jose reported he has the camera and is interested in beginning to create more oral histories. Suggestions: Rita Kean, Glen Schuman (first retiree to be interviewed), and a technician who worked in the physics lab.  
  • Benefits Committee. 
    • Doug Zatechka led a discussion regarding how to list benefits since emeriti have different benefits than retirees. How this is listed on the webpage is of concern as the organization welcomes retirees and does not want to call special attention to the differences. However, by comparing benefits, it might be possible for the organization to influence adding some of the no/low cost benefits for retirees.
    • Zachechka reminded the board he receives questions about benefits and should not be the definitive source of information about benefits.
    • The list of benefits on the webpage might be limited to benefits of association membership, not benefits from retirement. Because of changes already happening with OLLI and the University Museum and possible changes depending upon the outcome of the proposal to the Nebraska Alumni Association, a decision of what to list and how is on hold.
  • Membership. Roger Kirby reported his last reminder to pay annual membership dues generated some member payments. He also thanked John Comer for adding the membership form on the webpage.
  • Awards. No report.
  • Member Relations. No report.
  • Coffee House Chats. 
    • Don Weeks announced the next coffee house Chat is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14, at Crescent Moon Coffee House.
    • There will be no Coffee House Chat in April.
    • On May 10 there will be a Coffee House Chat at the home of Don and Rita Weeks. More information will be sent out closer to the date.
  • Senate. No report.
  • Webpage. John Comer reiterated the addition of the membership form to the webpage. It was created in Word so it can be completed and sent online using the submit button or printed and mailed to Roger Kirby. The form is located under the “Become a Member” tab.

8. Other items.

  • John Comer reported that OLLI has started the Pillar Society to raise funds for the organization. He was interested in whether our association might want to do something similar to solicit funds. Once the association has heard from the Nebraska Alumni Association about the pending proposal, this might be something to consider.
  • Jack Goebel encouraged those who are working the registration/payment table to write separate checks for lunch and membership dues.
  • Discussion of whether the treasurer’s report needs to be part of each general membership meeting or only once per year.

9. Possible Time Change of Meetings.

After discussion it was decided to move the board of directors meeting from 1:00pm to 1:30pm.


Submitted By: Vi Schroeder