March 2018 Board Minutes

March 2018 Board Minutes

Members Present: John Comer, Jim Griesen, Earl Hawkey, Julie Johnson, Rita Kean, Jeff Keown, Roger Kirby, Vi Schroeder

1. Memory Moment

  • Leona Shields, spouse of Roscoe Shields, Education and human Sciences, Clara Harrington, Education and Human Sciences
  • Other: Doug Jose sent his thanks and appreciation for the cards and donations in memory of his wife, Doreen. Jack Goebel is at home in hospice care.  The family requests no visitors.

2. Approval of February 2018 Board minutes.  Moved, seconded, approved

3. Luncheon and Association Meetings.  Jeff' Keown reminded board members of the upcoming meeting/speaker schedule.

  • Tuesday.  March 20, 2018-Droncs and the First Amendment, Matt Waite, Professor of Practice College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Forth-five are registered.

A discussion followed regarding the high price of the lunches at the East Union and if there is somewhere else the association might consider holding luncheon meetings.  East Union as only one caterer (Primier) but there is no charge for the room and parking is convenient.  One alternative is Innovation Campus.  It is managed by the Alumni Association.  Vi Schroeder will contact Alumni Association for information.

  • Thursday, April 19, 2018__ 21st Century Technolog9ies for Agriculture Production Systems, Dr. Joe Luck, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist for Precision Agriculture, Biological Systems   Engineering, UNL.2

The President’s luncheon usually held in May will probably not beheld again this year due to budget concerns.  Last year only new cmeri1i and retirees were invited because of the budget.  Awaiting confirmation.

4. Reports

Financial.  Treasurer, Earl Hawkey was contacted by the University Foundation because the balance of the Wisherd account was becoming too high.  The Association possibly will make awards this year that will lower the balance.  Further discussion will be held at the April meeting once awards have been decided.  The name on the checking account has been changed to UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association and new checks ordered.

Membership.  Roger Kirby announced that the Association has 1l9  membership renewals with approximately 11 still in process.  He will review memberships payment and determine which members, if any, have not paid for three years.

Awards.  The deadline for submission of nominations for awards was March 1.  There are possibly two nominations for the Wisherd Research, Scholarly, and Creative Award, one for Outstanding Service to UNL, and one for Outstanding Community Service.  Awards will be announced at the April Board meeting.

Benefits.  No report

Policies and Bylaws. No report.

Publications.  Julie Johnson reported that the Spring newsletter was emailed to members. The the Alumni Association handed the mailing to members without email.  It will also be sent to UNL administrators.

Webpage.  John Comer reported that  information on the Emeriti-Retirees/OLLI  discussion groups added to the webpage.  We need to get up-to-date on the posting of Board and Association minutes on the webpage.

5. Upcoming Events.

Tour of University Housing, March 23. Contact Kay Rockwell or Doug Zatechka to sign up.  Brochure will be distributed and announcement made at the March Association meeting.

Coffee House Chats.

  • April 11, 2018 , Haymarkc1 (Court Yard (808 PStreet) or Crescent Moon Coffee Shop in case of inclement weather
  • May 9, 2018, outside deck at Wilderness Ridge

6. Updates.

The next board meeting will be held at the Wick Center.  Shelley Zaborowski, Director of the Alumni Association will share some remarks.  Duane Eversoll will be receiving an award from the Association at their annual banquet. Vi Schroeder will ask Shelley about appointing a liaison officer from the Association to the E&R Board.

It was suggested that UNOPA and UAAD also be approached regarding membership on the board

Next board meeting Tuesday April 10, 1:30 P.M. at the Wick Center

Submitted By: Vi Schroeder