March 2019 Board Minutes

March 2019 Board Minutes East Campus Union

Members Present: John Bernthal, John Comer, Pat Crews, Sue Gildersleeve, Jim Griesen, Kim Hachiya, Julie Johnson, Doug Jose, Earl Hawkey, Jeff Keown, Jack Schinstock, Vi Schroeder, Don Weeks

President Jeff Keown called the meeting to order at 1:30pm.

1. Memory Moment.

  • Jim Williams
  • Mary Lynn Tuck, spouse of George Tuck
  • Kate Kane

2. Minutes. Don Weeks moved, Kim Hachiya seconded the approval of the February 2019 minutes of the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association Board Meeting. Motion carried.

3. Treasurer’s Report. Treasurer Earl Hawkey reported the association is financially solvent. He will propose a motion regarding recapitalization of Foundation accounts at the April board meeting.

4. Membership. Roger Kirby led a discussion about mailing of newsletters to members who do not have email. It is a large newsletter and distribution by mail will be costly. Julie Johnson will discuss mailing with Shelley Zaborowski at the Nebraska Alumni Association as NAA is involved in the distribution of this newsletter.

5.  Benefits. Sue Gildersleeve reported an informative meeting with Bill Nunez and Gayle Schanou.

  • The “Senior Learning Passport” for those 65 and older is alive & well but infrequently used.  There’s a $25 annual fee allowing up to two classes per semester. The registrar’s website includes link to the Bursar’s office for more information.
  • Campus Rec membership cost for retiree is $40/spouse is$32.  Surviving spouse moves to the $40 rate.  This fee is locked in for 10 years.
  • Athletic ticket policy is the same for all sports; surviving spouse can keep same tickets for five years. 
  • Parking:
    • There is a way to purchase a day-long permit online for $8; requires setting up an account.  Obviously not a reasonable option for parking at ERA luncheons.
    • Bill suggested we consider breakfast meetings instead of luncheons as a way to avoid peak parking lot congestion which is 10-2 or 3pm.  If we’re open to this I could go back to Bill to see if there’s a way to work out a special option for retirees for meeting times. Otherwise, they want to restrict pressure on parking during peak times unless we’re open to using the remote lots.
    • Library access:  All library materials & access is available to retirees with a NUID #.  But they must have the new NU ID card issued after retirement.
    • Email access:  There was a quick “no” on this, related to security concerns.  Gayle is going to update retiree session information to recommend that everyone move any personal business to a private email prior to retirement.
    • “Memory Moments”:  I asked whether there was a way to take advantage of their data to make sure we’ve identified all emeriti and retirees who’ve passed away.  Gayle said that their data doesn’t necessarily have information for all of these former colleagues—only those for whom they’ve received a date of death notice canceling insurance.  Bill said it also would require special programming to retrieve this information.

Still working on:

  • Checking with Alumni Association on policy for receiving their publications.
  • Bill is still reviewing computer/phone store privileges and available to surviving spouses.
  • Revising web pages to clarify which benefits are provided by the university vs our association, provide clarity for surviving spouses, etc.
  • Question: Is the fall Foundation luncheon open to all emeriti and retirees or only members of the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association?

 5. Past President. Past President Rita Kean updated the board on the following areas of interest:

  • OLLI Course for Fall. Each semester one OLLI course is identified for our association members allowed to participate for the listed cost (without paying OLLI membership). Both Bob Michl and Leta Powell-Drake are supportive of having the Nebraska Repertory Theatre fall class identified as our course. Leta Powell-Drake will follow up once the theatre schedule for fall is completed. The course description will include: This course is open to UNL Emeriti and Retiree Association members for the listed cost.
  • First Generation Nebraska initiative is ongoing, although the last event of this academic year is today.  Emeriti can find more information at If emeriti are interested in being added to the mailing list, contact Justy Bullington,
  • Commencement will be held May 4 with two undergraduate ceremonies held at Pinnacle Bank Arena, one at 9:30am and the other at 3:00pm. Volunteers are needed to greet visitors, hand out programs, and give general directions. Contact Katie Brock,, if interested in volunteering.
  • Honors Program director, Patrice McMahon, is attempting to determine how to incorporate “the masters” in a way less intensive and attractive to those not wanting to teach an entire semester. She believes Emeriti faculty could provide a lecture or two in a course, or a more innovative idea, a stand-alone “pop-up” course held over a weekend or for a few weeks. Our association can inquire among emeriti faculty who would be interested in offering to lecture or a short, pop-up course, and Patrice will followup with those emeriti directly.
  • Student Engagement director, Linda Major, is checking on how many volunteer hours are needed for N150 and will get back to Kean.

6. Program/Luncheon Update. President-Elect Jack Schinstock reported the final general membership luncheon/program will be Tuesday, March 19, 11:30am, Nebraska East Union. The speaker will be Heath Mello, Associate Vice President for University Affairs, University of Nebraska.

Schinstock is still looking for possible venues for fall 2019 meetings when the Nebraska East Union will be closed for renovation. He also is continuing to seek ideas for speakers/programs for the fall 2019/spring 2020 year. Suggestions were emerging media, Shane Farritor; Matt Talbot, The Bay or other community organizations; music presentations by various UNL or high school groups; Sue Sheridan; and Russ Gronewold, Vice President, Bryan Health.

7. Coffee House Chat. Don Weeks announced the Coffee House Chat for March will be Wednesday, March 13, 9:30am at the Grand Lodge at the Preserve. The next chat may be scheduled at The Landing.

8. Awards. Pat Crews announced there were two nominations for each of the Wisherd Service Awards (UNL and the community) and three applications for Wisherd Research Grants.

  • Awards subcommittees made recommendations for each service award as to whom they would be granted. There was board concensus on both. Names of nominees not chosen this year will be kept on file with the awards committee for the next two-three years.
  • Crews reviewed with the board the three applications for Wisherd Research Grants and recommended the board fund all three at $2,000 each. Motion passed.
  • Since the Doc Elliott Award is already being given at the fall Foundation luncheon, Crews proposed all award presentations be moved to that luncheon which has the highest attendance,  the Foundation be notified of our recommended change and  nominees/applicants will be notified of their status by May 1, but the awards publicly  announced and presented in September. Julie Johnson moved the proposal be accepted, Don Weeks seconded the motion. Motion passed.

9. Newsletter. Julie Johnson announced new publication guidelines have been developed for newsletter articles. One important change is that an article about an event must be to the publications committee within 10 days of the event. The board reviewed the guidelines, Johnson moved they be approved, motion passed. Johnson would like the guidelines to be published somewhere on the association website; John Comer will try to find a location.

10. Liaisons with University. President Keown reported the association still needs to name liaisons with the Faculty Senate, UAAD, and UNOPA.

11. Other Business.

  • Pre-retirement Meetings are scheduled for April 24, 2019. President Keown will speak to each meeting attendees about the association.
  • Baseball Tailgate proposed for Saturday, May 18. Nebraska plays Michigan at 2:05pm. Tickets for the game are $7 each. Kim Hachiya will call the ticket office for more information.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45pm.    


Submitted By: Vi Schroeder, Secretary