March 2019 Association Minutes

March 2019 Association Minutes East Campus Union

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Keown at 11:50am. Memory Moments. President Keown read the Memory Moments listing and asked members to pause for a moment of silence to honor those listed.

  • Jim Williams
  • Mary Lynn Tuck, spouse of George Tuck
  • Kate Kane

President Keown encouraged members to remember flood victims who are suffering in Nebraska now and in the future. Deb Hamernick’s mother was lost in the flood. 

 Announcements. Past President Rita Kean made the following announcements.

  • First Generation Nebraska. Amy Goodburn indicated the initiative is ongoing and that Emeriti can find more information at emeriti faculty are interested in being added to the FGN email list, they can contact Justy Bullington. This ensures that they receive personalized invitations to all social and networking events. Today is the last event of the semester—the lunch on East Campus. We will be updating the website this summer to announce all the FGN events for 19/20.
  • Honors Program. Patrice McMahon stated that she has been trying to determine how to incorporate ‘the Masters’ in way that would be less intensive and attractive to those not wanting to teach an entire semester.  She believes that Emeriti could provide a lecture or two in a course, or, a more innovative idea is to offer a stand-alone ‘pop-up’ course held over a weekend or for a few weeks.  Patrice indicated that we could inquire among the Emeriti faculty who would be interested in offering to lecture or a short, pop-up course. Patrice would follow up with the faculty directly.

Treasurer’s Report. Earl Hawkey reported the association financially solvent.

Upcoming Luncheon Program. President Keown reminded members of the final spring 2019 luncheon program:

  • April 18, 2019—Fred Luthans, University and George Holmes Distinguished Professor of Management, College of Business, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The luncheon will be held at the Nebraska East Union.

He also announced there will be emails and other communication regarding the location(s) of the fall association luncheon meetings. The Nebraska East Union will be closed for renovation.

Keown reminded members the board is continuing to look for locations for luncheon meetings while the Nebraska East Union is under construction. Suggestions welcome.

Coffee House Chat. Keown reminded members that Coffee House Chats are held the second Wednesday of the month. The next one will be Wednesday, April 10, 9:30am, at The Foundry, 211 N. 14th St. It will be held in the third floor conference room and there is an elevator. Contacts: Rita or Don Weeks.

Future Association Opportunities.

  • Doc Elliott Award nominations sought by the Nebraska Alumni Association. The award is given at the September luncheon to a UNL faculty or staff member retired at least five years whose caring has made a difference in the lives of students and alumni and who has gone beyond traditional expectations. See the Nebraska Alumni Association website for more information.
  • Spring 2019 UNL Baseball Tailgate is being planned prior to the May 17 Michigan game. More information will be provided soon.
  • Spring Commencement Volunteers are needed. May 4 undergraduate commencement will be split with a session at 9:30am and another at 3:00pm. Contact Katie Brock, Nebraska Alumni Association, for more information.

Luncheon Speaker. President Keown introduced today’s speaker, Heath Mello, Associate Vice President of University Affairs and Director of State Relations, University of Nebraska. Mello is a former state senator who chaired the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee for four years. He presented information about the importance of advocacy for the University and explained ways in which emeriti and retirees can play an important role in advocating with Nebraska legislators.

Luncheon adjourned at 12:50.


Submitted By: Vi Schroeder, Secretary