January 2017 Association Minutes

January 2017 Association Minutes Nebraska East Union 11:30am

  1. Call to Order. President Julie Johnson called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon. She read the Memory Moments listing and asked members to pause for a moment of silence in honor of those listed.
  2. Luncheon Program Schedule. Vice President Rita Kean announced upcoming association meeting speakers this spring:
    • Thursday, February 23--Shawn Eichorst, Director of Athletics, University of Nebraska
    • Thursday, March 16—Joe Starita, Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication, discussing his new book, A Warrior of the People.
    • Tuesday, April 18—Robert Diffendal, Emeritus Professor, Survey Division School of Natural Resources, and Adjunct Professor, University of Nebraska Museum, discussing his new book, Great Plains Geology.
    • May—TBD—President Bounds Retiree Luncheon.
    Kean also announced the UNL Emeriti Spring Tour, Sesquicentennial Traveling Photo Exhibit “Bridges: Sharing Our Past to Enrich the Future”. The tour will be Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at the Great Plains Art Museum, Hewitt Place, 1155 O Street. The museum opens at 10:00am with introductory remarks at 10:15 am.
  3. Program. Vice President Rita Kean introduced Susan Weller, Professor of Entomology, and Director, University of Nebraska Museum. Dr. Weller’s program was entitled The Evolving Role of the University of Nebraska Museum. She encouraged association members to become members, volunteer for programs, and attend special educational events at the museum.
  4. Recognition of Service. President Julie Johnson thanked Past President Jim Griesen for his service as 2016 President of the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association and presented him with a plaque of appreciation. During his tenure as president the association hosted the Big 10 Emeriti Conference (first to be held at UNL), became more inclusive with the addition of retirees, and updated the by-laws and operating policies.
  5. Introduction of Guests from UNMC. Past President Jim Griesen introduced guests Nancy Woelfl and Barbara Hurlbert from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. They are considering starting a similar emeriti/retirees association at UNMC.
  6. Introduction of the Board. President Johnson introduced members of the Emeriti and Retirees Association Board and indicated handouts of the board listing were on each table.
  7. Introduction of New Collegial Members. President Johnson announced 11 new collegial members of the association (names listed on the back side of the board listing handout). She encouraged members to recommend new collegial members by sending names and email addresses to her or Roger Kirby, membership chair.
  8. Treasurer’s Report. President Johnson reported the association was solvent; a copy of the treasurer’s report was available for review at the front table.
  9. Association Membership Brochure. President Johnson announced the need to update the association membership brochure. Board member Jeff Keown explained an arrangement with the Jacht Club (sponsored by the College of Journalism and Mass Communication) for students to design and develop the brochure by March 15.
  10. Committee Report: Coffee House Chat. Board liaison Rita Weeks announced the next Coffee House Chat, February 15, 9:30am at Crescent Moon Coffee House. There will be a Valentine’s Day theme; attendees are encouraged to participate in a contest that will be explained in an upcoming email.
  11. Program of Work. President Johnson provided copies of the association’s 2017 Program of Work. She highlighted areas of completed work: new operating procedures, Big 10 Meeting report, purchase of a video camera and development of budget and financial reports. The areas in which activity has begun and is ongoing include: discussion with Nebraska Alumni Association regarding closer affiliation, identifying and inviting new collegial members, clarification of benefits, survey of members to determine service to the university and the community, newsletters, tours and two members attending the 2017 Big 10 Emeriti meeting at Purdue.
  12. Table Giveaways. Gifts on each table were given to the two people whose birthdays were closest to January 19.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:55pm.


Submitted By: Vi Schroeder, Secretary