January 2017 Board Minutes

January 2017 Board Minutes Wick Center

  1. Memory Moments:
    • Kenneth Pruess, Entomology, North Platte Experiment Station
    • Mari Lynn Crispin, Coordinator of Continuing Legal Education, College of Law
    • Patience Fisher, Mathematics Education, Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education
  2. Collegial Memberships Progress on Meeting with Bruce Currin –Jim Griesen
  3. Treasurer’s Report/Budget- Jack Goebel
  4. Emeriti Luncheon Programs – Rita Kean
  5. Newsletter
    • Brochure –Jeff Keown
    • Newsletter- Doug Jose, Julie Johnson
  6. Operating Procedures Progress – Jim Griesen
  7. Committee and Liaison Reports:
    • Awards – Al Seagren and Pat Crews
    • Progress on meeting with Foundation representative about language in funds- Jim Griesen
    • Benefits – Doug Zatechka
    • Coffee House Chats Liaison– Rita Weeks
    • Faculty Senate Liaison – Jeff Keown
    • Member Relations – Kay Rockwell
    • Membership – Roger Kirby
    • Oral History –Doug Jose
    • Webpage –John Comer
  8. Other items related to Program of Work, if not covered above
Submitted By: Vi Schroeder