January 2015 Association Minutes

January 2015 Association Minutes East Campus Union

Members Present: A luncheon was served to approximately 61 members plus several non-eating members.

Program: Vice-President and Program Chair, James Griesen, introduced Mark E. Rupp, M.D. and Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Infectious Diseases Section, and Medical Director, Department of Healthcare Epidemiology-Infection Control. Dr. Rupp presented illustrated information on the “Ebola Virus Disease.”

Clarification of its evolvement in Western Africa and in other world locations since its emergence in 2013 was described. The disease’s symptoms, transmission, incubation period, treatment efforts, and death rate factors were explained, along with approaches being applied in the UNMC Containment Unit. Data suggests the frequency of occurrence has reduced, and will soon be under control. An interesting question/answer period followed. Dr. Rupp was presented a small gift and thanked for his presentation.

Business Meeting. Duane Eversoll, president, convened the business meeting at 12:45 pm.

Memory Moments were held for:

1. Robert Brown, Educational Psychology

2. Don Bryant, Athletics

3. Philip Corkill, Architecture

4. James Knisely Comptroller

5. Eugene Rudd, Physics and Astronomy

6. Mortecai Marcus, English

7. Cal Ward, Northeast Research and Extension Center

8. Members were reminded that Meeting Minutes and Treasurer’s Reports are on the web site.

9. Agnes Adams has resigned as Treasurer; Jack Goebel reported checks submitted recently would be deposited in the near future.

10. Duane Eversoll expressed appreciation for the work John Comer has done in preparing information for officers’ duties. He also thanked Allen Blezek for his contributions as he is outgoing Past-President.

11. Vice-President and President-Elect, James Griesen, was introduced and members were encouraged to make suggestions for future program topics. Duane Eversoll will serve as President of the Association for 2015. Appreciation was expressed for John Comer’s leadership as President during 2014. He also announced that Jim Carr with receive the Alumni Association’s Doc Elliot Award in May and congratulated him on that honor

12. Jack Goebel reported the planning for the Big X Retiree’s Conference for 2016 is proceeding. Jim Griesen will serve as Chair of that effort.

13. Roger Kirby was thanked for taking over many of Jim Kendrick’s responsibilities for the Board. Roger said reminders for dues had been sent and to ignore them if they have already paid.

14. Julie Johnson reported that John Comer is working on an Emeriti online Newsletter as well as a new brochure for New Emeriti members. It should be online in the next two weeks. Please send Duane Eversoll (deversoll1@unl.edu) inclusions for the newsletter. Duane will speak to the new retiring faculty at the Retirement Celebration this spring.

15. The next Emeriti Coffee Chat will be February 10, 2015, 9:30 am at the Cresent Moon Coffee House (8th and P Streets). Participants are asked to bring valentines to share.

16. The next Emeriti Meeting will be 11:30 am, Thursday, February 19, 2015, East Campus Union.

17. Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Submitted By: Delivee Wright, Secretary