February 2017 Board Minutes

February 2017 Board Minutes

Members Present: John Bernthal, John Comer, Pat Crews, Jack Goebel, Jim Griesen, Julie Johnson, Doug Jose, Rita Kean, Jeff Keown, Roger Kirby, Vi Schroeder, Al Seagren, Doug Zatechka

Julie Johnson, President, called the meeting to order at 1:00pm.

1. Memory Moments:

  • LuAnne Rose Anderson, Modern Languages
  • Allen Edison, Electrical Engineering
  • Franklin Eldridge, Animal Science
  • Glenn Froning, Food Science and Technology
  • Eugene Larson Martin, Microbiology

Identified by University Administration

  • Melvin Earnest Lyon, English
  • Betty Johnson
  • Glenna Chamberlin
  • Eunice Spencer

2. Collegial Memberships:

  • President Julie Johnson reported Jim Griesen, Rita Kean, and Johnson met with Bruce Currin and Gayle Schanou in Human Resources (HR) at UNL. HR is willing to put a letter from the association in each new retiree packet at no cost to the association. Johnson will address potential retirees at a meeting on April 10. She asked Roger Kirby if it was possible for potential members to sign up on our web site.
  • President Johnson reported she received a retiree’s list from Central Administration with 2,236 names. Of those names 1,605 are from Lincoln, but there are few email addresses. It would cost the association 20 cents each in nonprofit postage to contact these retirees by USPS mail.
  • President Johnson reported a meeting is being scheduled with university President Hank Bounds and Susan Fritz to update them on the status of the association.
    • Potential new members:
    • Diane Mohrhoff
    • Ardis Holland
    • Vicki Miller
    • Susan Voss
    • Rodney Moore
  • Moved by Jim Griesen, seconded by Jack Goebel that new collegial members be approved; motion carried.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

  • Treasurer Jack Goebel reported an association Wells Fargo checking account balance of approximately $9,000.
  • Julie Johnson, Jim Griesen, and Rita Kean met with University Foundation representative and legal counsel Kimberly Builder to discuss the Maude E. Wisherd Fund, the UNL Emeriti Association Fund, and the UNL Emeriti Association Big 10 Conference Fund.

ID Description Spendable Amount Book Value Market Value Type Estimated Annual Income

01028080 Maude E. Wisherd Fund $21,669.11 $55,666.83 $132,133.47 Perm. Endowment $5,896.00

01086910 UNL Emeriti Association Fund $10,173.00 -- -- Expendable --

01132660 UNL Emeriti Association Big 10 Conference Fund $3,720.00 -- -- Expendable --

Information about these funds as identified by Kimberly Bilder, January 27, 2017

  • Maude E. Wisherd Fund – purpose is unrestricted and for general support of the association
    • This fund can be used for the benefit of the association or its members (emeriti and/or retirees)
    • This fund is a permanent endowment and earns approximately 4.25% each year ($5,896).
    • Money from the spendable amount of this fund can be transferred to a different fund, i.e, it can be moved to the UNL Emeriti Association Fund.
  • The UNL Emeriti Association Fund is expendable but can be made into a permanent endowment if there is a total of $25,000 in the fund.
    • This fund’s name can be changed to reflect the name of the association.
    • $14,827 would be needed in order to make this a permanent endowed fund.

  • The UNL Emeriti Association Big 10 Conference Fund was used to support the Big 10 conference. All bills have been paid and this fund is no longer needed for that purpose.


o John Bernthal moved to close the UNL Emeriti Association Big 10 Conference Fund, move the remaining money into the UNL Emeriti Association Fund, and change the name of the UNL Emeriti Association Fund to the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association. Pat Crews second, motion approved.

o Jim Griesen moved that the association authorize the University Foundation to move spendable money as needed from the Maude E. Wisherd Fund to the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association Fund to make it an endowed fund (total minimum required $25,000). Doug Zatechka seconded; discussion followed including:

  • Jack Goebel reported a check for $1,000 had been deposited in the wrong Foundation account, but Celeste Knapper will correct and notify the association of balances.
  • Jack Goebel reported $5,000 is transferred from the UNL Emeriti Association Fund to the Wells Fargo checking account each year.
  • Remind members of opportunity to donate to the UNL Emeriti Association Fund
  • Awards Committee will reopen discussion about use of the Maude E. Wisherd Funds now that it is clear the fund is unrestricted in use by the association.
  • Possibilities of establishing a separate 501c3 and or a separate foundation account outside of the University Foundation were mentioned.
  • A Board member questioned whether it was necessary to notify members who donated to the UNL Emeriti Association Big 10 Conference Fund that this money was being transferred. Johnson responded that money from checking was used for the Big 10 conference, so in essence, monies were used but not directly from the Foundation Fund.

Motion carried.

4. Update on Programs:

  • Rita Kean reported 63 people attended the January general membership meeting to hear Susan Weller’s presentation. A total of $1,094.40 was deposited for lunch; two attending did not eat lunch.
  • The February 23 general membership meeting (Shawn Eichorst speaking) has 35 currently registered (5 no lunches); Kean will send out a reminder email this week.
  • Joe Starita will be speaking at the March 16 meeting and will autograph copies of his book, A Warrior of the People. President Johnson will not be available for the March meeting so either Jim Griesen or Rita Kean will run the meeting.
  • There is still a need for a November speaker; Roger Kirby suggested John Woollam to speak about faculty entrepreneurism. Roger will contact John.

5. Survey Progress: Jim Griesen reported the Survey Committee (Jim Griesen, John Bernthal, Doug Jose, Doug Zatechka) will meet this month to discuss the survey to determine members’ volunteer activity to the university and the community. President Johnson circulated a listing of activities created by Bob Diffendal.

6. Committee and Liaison Reports:

  • Newsletter. President Johnson reported the newsletter has been distributed electronically. She expressed thanks to Charlyne Berens for editing and proofing the newsletter, the board members who proofread the newsletter, and for those volunteers who wrote articles. The board members thanked Julie for developing a great newsletter. Doug Jose will create the fall newsletter.
  • Brochure. Jeff Keown reported the Jacht Ad Club is working on the brochure and board members should have a draft to review on time.
  • Benefits: Doug Zatechka asked for reports to update the association benefits listing.
  • o President Johnson reported a discussion with the Foundation about the change in membership of the association to include collegial members. The Foundation showed interest in inviting all members to the luncheon. Johnson indicated she also will discuss with Chancellor Green.
  • Jim Griesen reported the initial arrangement with OLLI transferred $1,200 to OLLI from the association up front to pay for association member’s membership in OLLI. That money has been used, and OLLI has asked to suspend the benefit while it reviews its policies.
  • Doug Zatechka reported learning of changes in the Museum benefits for emeriti at the January general membership meeting when Susan Weller spoke. Rita Kean is attempting to determine with museum staff what the new program for emeriti will be and if it will extend to all retirees.
  • Vi Schroeder reported the Nebraska Alumni Association would like to refrain from making a decision about sending Nebraska Magazine to retirees until NAA comes back to the association with results of proposal. NAA is meeting on the proposal this month and will respond to the association.
  • Membership: Roger Kirby reported second notices for payment of dues were sent to 160 members. He reminded us that members are not eliminated from the roles until they have missed paying dues for three years. Jim Griesen indicated he will send a template to create letterhead to all board members so we can officially communicate without printing new stationery.
  • Awards: Al Seagren and Pat Crews will meet now that the use of the Wisherd funds has been clarified.
  • Member Relations: President Johnson reported for Kay Rockwell that there will be a tour of Prairie Pines in June as a combined activity with Coffee House Chat.
  • Coffee House Chat. President Johnson reported for Don and Rita Weeks that there will be a Coffee House Chat at Crescent Moon on February 15 with two contests: one will be for valentine’s activities, the other for the day after valentine’s activities.
  • Faculty Senate. Jess Keown reported he sent Faculty Senate minutes to Board members. Discussion was held as to whether the minutes needed to be summarized at the general membership meeting or if the minutes should be sent out to all members. It was determined that a summary at the general meeting and in the newsletter is all that is needed.
  • Webpage. John Comer reported the association’s newsletter is already on the webpage. He also will suspend the benefits information temporarily as changes are happening in so many areas.

7. Other Items:

  • Rita Kean and Doug Zatechka will attend the Big 10 meeting at Purdue in August.
  • The deadline to sign up for Dinner in a Nebraska Home deadline is February 15. At least two of the board members signed up so far.
  • Jack Goebel has a new phone number: 402.937.7474
  • There should be an announcement at the February general membership meeting regarding the consolidation of Foundation funds for better interest.



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