February 2016 Board Minutes

February 2016 Board Minutes

Members Present: John Comer, Jack Goebel, Jim Griesen, Rita Kean, Jeff Keown, Roger Kirby, Julie Johnson, Kay Rockwell, Doug Zatechka.
  1. Memory Moments

    Charlotte Marie Holm- Widow of Professor William Chester Holm- Engineering, Anne Johnson- Professor - Agricultural Communications, Dennis L. Schneider – Professor – Music, Inge Worth – Widow of Professor Manfred Keller – Art, Widow of Professor Peter Worth - Art

  2. Treasurer’s Report -Jack Goebel.


    Wells Fargo $10,634.96
    Wisherd Spendable 15,715.15
    Emeriti Fund 9,973.00
    Big 10 Conference Fund 2,620.00

    Jack reported that the Bursar’s Office sent him the list of expenses for a two-year period. He will review it and report back to the Board.

  3. Big Ten Conference (August 5-7, 2016). Update. Jim Griesen & Julie Johnson

    • Jim & Julie reported on their meeting with SVCAA Ronnie Green, who agreed to underwrite the cost for both the reception and dinner on Saturday evening which will be held at the IQSC Museum. SVCAA Green responded positively to Julie’s suggestion that he might sing at the event. He also offered to see if a few of UNL’s musically talented deans would join him in providing entertainment.
    • Jim is working with Bill Shomos (Professor, Glen Korf School of Music) about a possible music performance by faculty and students for Saturday evening.
    • Jim announced that Annette Wetzel, Special Events Coordinator, will take care of event arrangements.
    • The bus contract for the campus tours has been completed.
    • Julie announced that Kathleen Lodl, Associate Dean for Extension, has ordered the red portfolios that Nebraska Extension uses and will contribute them to the conference participants ‘gift bags.’
  4. Emeriti Luncheon Program – Julie Johnson

    • Julie reminded the Board of the luncheon February 18, as well as the March 22nd luncheon which will honor Chancellor Harvey Perlman.
  5. “Dinner in the American Home Program” – John Comer & Teresa Lostroh

    • Jim introduced Teresa Lostroh from NU Student Enrollment. Teresa manages the preparation, orientation and on campus support programs for international students. There are 2500 international students on the UNL campus.

    • NU Student Enrollment is excited to work with the Emeriti Association on its “Dinner in the American Home Program” (see Attachments A. Invitation & B. Policy). The purpose is to provide international students with an “experience to be in an American home.”

      • The first step in the process is for interested faculty, staff and international students to meet at a reception hosted by NU Student Enrollment.
        • The two receptions for spring 2016 are February 24 and March 5 from 5:00 – 5:45pm at the Visitor’s Center.
        • Students will be assigned to small groups (2-4) based upon their home country (based mainly on dietary restrictions).
      • Then, each participating faculty and staff will host a group of students at their home for dinner once during the semester.
      • Participating faculty and staff will be encouraged to keep in touch with their group of students.
    • The Emeriti Board endorsed the program and will send an email to its members encouraging them to participate.
    • Jim Griesen thanked Teresa for her time.
  6. Committee Reports

    Benefits- Doug Zatechka. Doug reported there were few changes to be made to the Benefits document.

    • Benefit #1. Change the OLLI free membership for new Emeriti members from 12 months to 18 months.
    • The board will take responsibility for the Memory Moments.
    • Delete Benefit #8 and replace with #9.
    • Doug will send changes to John Comer who will see that the information on the Emeriti website is changed.
    • Doug contacted the Museum to verify that Emeriti faculty and their families receive free admission. The current business manager indicated that there was no such benefit. He contacted former Director, Priscilla Grew who indicated the benefit did exist. Doug followed up and met with the new Director, Susan Weller, who assured him that Emeriti faculty and their families would continue to receive free admission to the Museum.
      Susan asked if Emeriti faculty would be interested in serving as Museum docents or in other volunteer capacities. Jim Griesen will announce the opportunity at the February luncheon.

      Susan invited the Emeriti Association to tour the Museum. Jim Griesen will ask Kay Rockwell to follow up with the Director. Another suggestion was made to invite Susan to speak to the Emeriti Association at the Fall luncheon.

    Faculty Senate – Jeff Keown. Jeff reported two items from the Senate meeting:

    1. There will be an announcement in late February/early March of the candidates invited to campus to interview for the Chancellor’s position.

    2. The student enrollment for UNL is projected to reach 30,000 students by 2020.

    Member RelationsKay Rockwell. Kay shared the information about the Spring Tour to visit the Biomedical and Obesity Research Core (BORC) facility hosted by Dr. Aktar Ali. BORC is located in Leverton Hall on the East Campus. The Board agreed on April 7 as the date for the visit. Coffee (TBA) will be at 9:30. The tour will take place at 10:30.

    Membership- Roger Kirby. Roger deleted the names of 41 inactive members of the Emeriti Association and will send a reminder to those members who still owe dues.

    Newsletter – Julie Johnson. Julie asked Board members for ideas for Emeriti profiles. She needs information for the fall newsletter by June and it will go to print August 1.

    Website – John Comer. John will contact Aaron Coleman with corrections to be made to the website.

    The meeting was adjourned at 2:20 pm. The next Board Meeting is March 15 at 1:00 pm at the Nebraska Alumni Association.

Submitted By: Rita Kean, Secretary