December 2018 Board Minutes

December 2018 Board Minutes East Campus Union

Members Present: Nancy Aden, John Bernthal, John Comer,Pat Crews, Jim Griesen, Kim Hachiya, Earl Hawkey, Doug Jose, Rita Kean, Jeff Keown, Roger Kirby, Kay Rockwell, Jack Schinstock, Vi Schroeder, Don Weeks

President Rita Kean called the meeting to order at 11:00am and welcomed all board members attending with special welcome extended to new board member Kim Hachiya. She distributed a list of 2019 board members information for updates/corrections.

1. Nebraska Alumni Association Update. Carrie Myers and Hannah Hoffman from NAA presented information on two programs of particular interest to emeriti and retirees.

  • Future Huskers is a program for children/grandchildren of alumni association members. Once enrolled each child receives birthday cards or gifts from NAA from ages 0-16 until names are forwarded to Admissions for follow up.
  •  Future Husker University is a one day program to encourage interest in the university. Scheduled for July 19, 2019, the program is open to any NAA member (especially grandparents) and a child age 7-13. Day’s activities include 2 class sessions of choice with university faculty, lunch in a residence hall, a tour of Morrill Hall, a student athlete speaker, and a graduation ceremony. Cost is $40 per child and $50 per adult. Optional overnight stay in a residence hall (at additional cost) will be available. More information available at
  • Board members who volunteered to help with December commencement this weekend should have received information and a parking permit by email. Volunteer response from the association is greater than in the past and is much appreciated.

2. Memory Moments. President Kean reported more than 50 emeriti/retirees and spouses are on the Memory Moments list for 2018 (see attachment A). Hal Williams will be added to the list.

3. Treasurer’s Report. Earl Hawkey provided four documents related to the association budget:

  • End of month statement November 2018
  • Expenditures and income 2018
  • Meeting collections and expenditures 2018
  • Proposed budget

The association is financially solvent going into 2019. Jim Griesen reminded board members of the need to annually review the price of membership. Discussion followed. There will be no change in dues for the 2019 year. Prepayment for lunches at general membership meetingw was discussed as the association is charged for all lunches reserved. Possible software solutions through the Big10 and the university will be evaluated.

4. Bylaws and Policies. Jim Griesen thanked Julie Johnson for working with him to develop proposed updates for both the bylaws and policies of the association.

  •  Griesen led a discussion of proposed changes to the bylaws and additional modifications were suggested. Don Weeks moved, Jon Bernthal seconded the bylaws be approved as modified to take to the general membership. Motion passed. Griesen will update the bylaws changes and provide an electronic copy to Jeff Keown before the next board meeting.
  • Griesen led a discussion of proposed changes to the policies and additional modifications were suggested. Pat Crews moved, Kay Rockwell seconded the policies be approved as amended. Motion passed. The policies will be added to the association webpage; Griesen will send revised copy to John Comer.

President Kean thanked Griesen and Johnson for their work evaluating and revising the documents.

5. Membership. Roger Kirby sent out dues payment notifications to members this month. There are two membership issues to discuss during the 2019 year:

  • Are staff retirees from other campuses eligible for membership (emeriti already eligible)
  • Are the names of past members left on the membership roll if dues are not paid? How many years?

There is an address correction check in place between Roger (membership) and Earl Hawkey (treasurer).

6. Awards.

  • Carrie Myers from the Nebraska Alumni Association announced NAA has reviewed the annual alumni awards and when in the calendar year they should be conferred. One of these awards is the the Doc Elliot Award, established in 1986 to honor a retired UNL faculty or staff member who has exhibited a record of exemplary service, whose caring has made a difference in the lives of students and alumni and who has gone beyond traditional expectations. Recipients must be former faculty or staff members of UNL who have been retired at least five years. This award has traditionally been given in conjunction with commencement in May, however, it will now be awarded at the fall emeriti and retiree luncheon hosted by the University Foundation, the Chancellor, and NAA. A new nomination form will be developed by NAA and available on its website.
  • Pat Crews will update the forms for 2019 emeriti and retirees association awards and provide to John Comer for the webpage.

7. Member Relations. Kay Rockwell announced the spring tour will be of the College of Nursing and University Health Center on Tuesday, March 19, 2019 (it was later noted that this is the date of our general membership meeting in March so the date will have to be changed). The tour will take place during spring break week to make parking easier and possibly allow for coffee at Cather prior to the tour. Suggestions for future tours include UNL Police, University Libraries remote storage, Dental Museum, 4th floor Morrill Hall (after February 15), College of Business, Innovation Campus new facilities/start-ups.

8. Coffee House Chats. Don Weeks announced the following schedule:

  • December 12, 2018—Christmas party at the home of Jeff and Gail Keown
  • January 9, 2019—The Mill at Telegraph (next to Allo), 330 S. 21st Street at Capitol Parkway. (If Lincoln Public Schools are close due to bad weather, Coffee House chat is automatically cancelled.)
  • February 13, 2019—Rock n Joe, 5025 Lindberg St
  • March 2019—Campus Facility Tour
  • April 10, 2019—TBA
  • May 8, 2019—Home of Doug Jose
  • June 12—Home of Don and Rita Weeks

Don asked for suggestions of other places to hold coffee chats. Bagels and Joe was suggested.

 Board members took a lunch break from 12:10-12:40pm.

9. Website. John Comer asked board members to check the accuracy of the association officers and directors list on the website. He also is needing updated minutes.

10. Publications. Doug Jose reported the committee hopes to publish the spring association newsletter in late February. He reminded those who were writing articles to meet assigned deadlines as the process includes editing and designing time once submitted. Jose will check to Julie Johnson to see if our newsletter is shared with other Big10 associations.

11. Updated Plan of Work for 2018. President Kean reported the completion of a successful plan of work for 2018 (see attachment B).

  • The only items not completed are those for which the organization is awaiting response from other campus groups (First Generation Nebraska, Center for Civic Engagement, Honors), the ongoing work on the bylaws and policies, and those planned activities taking place in 2019. The lack of timely response from the other campus groups is a disappointment and needs more follow-up in 2019.
  • Kean reminded board members of the OLLI course selections for spring of 2019:
    • Brain Matters: Aging and Cognition. Meets once February 1, 2019, 9-11am, $5.
    • Life’s Lessons. Meets weekly March 25-April 29, $30.

Kean thanked the board members for their conscience work in 2018, and board members voiced their appreciation of President Kean’s leadership during the year.

12. Plan of Work for 2019. Due to a power failure, President-elect Keown will provide the board with a complete Plan of Work for 2019 at the January 2019 meeting. Items of note discussed included:

  • General membership luncheon programs are scheduled through spring of 2019 as are most coffee house chats and the spring tour. Jack Schinstock and Kay Rockwell will sent our an email to board members for sugestions of program topics, speakers, and tour suggestions.
  • January 15, 2019 the Chancellor Green will present his state of the university speech to begin the celebration of the university’s 150 anniversary.
  • February 15, 2019 will be a Charter Day celebration in honor of the university’s 150 anniversary.
  • Continued emeriti and retiree involvement in N150.
  • Ongoing collaboration with OLLI
  • Continued meetings with UNL Chancellor Green and University of Nebraska Provost Fritz and President Bounds
  • Continued collaboration with NAA

President-elect Keown suggested the following additional items be addressed in 2019:

  • Number of executive committee and board meetings
  • Increase the number of emeriti and retirees volunteering for commencement
  • Doc Elliott Award
  • More involvement with NAA
  • Benefit differences between emeriti and retirees (ongoing)
  • Update letter to retirees
  • Poll members to see what programs are of interest (review survey results from two years ago)
  • Venue(s) for general membership luncheons:
    • Leave campus?
    • Price and parking major considerations
    • Get more members involved

13. Faculty Senate Liaison. Jack Schinstock is now President-elect of the association so a new Faculty Senate Liaison needs to be identified. President Keown welcomes suggestions.

14. Benefits. No report.

 15. Other.

  • Association memorial donations for board members/spouses. Two active board members, Jack Goebel and Al Seagren, passed away during 2018 to date. Discussion was held regarding whether there should be memorial donations, how much, how to decide where to direct donations. In the case of Al Seagren, perhaps an award could be named for him as he led that committee. Topic will be discussed at the January board meeting.
  • Tour scheduled for same day as general membership meeting. Date of tour will be changed as programming for meeting is confirmed and date distributed on yellow card mailing.
  • John Comer expressed concern about the merging of administration at UNMC and UNO as it might impact future allocation of resources and UNL’s research standing. Further discussion is necessary with determination of how/what to carry forward as a concern to the chancellor and president.

 Meeting adjourned at 1:45pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Vi Schroeder, Secretary

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