December 2016 Board Minutes

December 2016 Board Minutes East Campus Union

Members Present: Julie Johnson, Jim Griesen, Roger Kirby, Pat Crews, Del Wright, Kay Rockwell, Doug Zatechka, John Bernthal, Vi Schroeder, Duane Eversoll, Doug Jose, Rita Kean, John Comer, Al Seagren, Jeff Keown.

President Jim Griesen called the meeting to order at 11:05 AM.

  1. Memory Moments
    • Michael R. Cook, Chemistry Department Procurer
    • Jacqueline I. Heelan, College of Arts and Sciences
    • Vonnie L. Ives, Custodial Services
    • Charlotte Mae Kramer, Travel Coordinator, Nebraska Alumni Association
    • Peteris Lipins, Institutional Research
    • Orba L. Schreurs, College of Dentistry
    • Alice M. Stilwell, Retired from UNL in 1991
    • Beverly Jean Sundeen, Athletic Department
  2. Financial Reports
    • Big Ten Retirees Association Conference – Jim Griesen (see Attachment A).
    • UNL Retirees Association Accounts – Jim Griesen for Jack Goebel

    Wells Fargo - $ 9,979.29
    NU Foundation Wisherd (spendable funds) - 21,777.76
    Emeriti - 9,973.00
    Big 10 Conference - 2,720.00

    It was suggested that Pres Griesen meet with Treasurer Goebel about moving money into Wisherd Fund to achieve the necessary balance needed to obtain interest ($25,000.00).

  3. Collegial Membership Proposals -As submitted by any Association Member - Julie Johnson (see Attachment B).

    Doug Zatechka moved to accept the Membership Proposals as written. Kay Rockwell seconded. The vote to accept the proposal was unanimous.

  4. Proposal to Purchase a Video Camera and Accessories – Jim Griesen & Doug Jose President Griesen and Doug Jose addressed the need for a new video camera to record the Oral History project. Roger Kirby indicated a tripod and microphone were also needed for the recordings. Jeff Keown moved to approve the purchase of the equipment and it was seconded by Al Seagren. The vote to approve the purchase of the camera, microphone and tripod was unanimous.
  5. “Dinner with an American Family” Program for 2nd Semester – Jim Griesen President Griesen reported that he spoke with Theresa Lostroh in UNL Admission about the Emeriti/Retirees Association participation in the program for foreign students, “Dinner with an American Family.” Lostroh will send the announcement and information for the 2017 Spring program to Griesen who will than distribute it to the Association membership. Griesen and Bob Kuzelka suggested that the Association work with domestic undergraduate students who belong to the Alumni Association Scarlet Guard. Griesen will follow up with the Alumni Association.
  6. Emeriti and Retirees Association Policies and Procedures – John Comer and Jim Griesen (see Attachment B). President Greisen thanked John Comer for his work editing and adjusting the Emeriti and Retirees Association Policies and Procedures document. Greisen led the Retreat members through the proposed changes to the document.

    Dues Structure and Financial Report. Changes approved
    Management of Finances. Changes approved.
    Use of Wisherd Foundation Funds. Questions were raised about the use of the Wisherd Funds.

    Julie Johnson made a motion to accept the proposed changes to the first two parts of the document and invite the NU Foundation Attorney to a Board meeting to discuss the use of the Wisherd Funds. Doug Jose seconded and the vote was unanimous.

    NOMINATING COMMITTEE. It was suggested that the first two sentences in this section be removed. Change approved

    COMPOSITION OF THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Executive Committee Changes approved

    MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS. Editorial changes were made to simplify the section. Changes approved

    Eligibility for Subsidized Lunch. This section was removed from the document Change approved

    Commemorative Coffee Mugs. Editorial changes were made. Change approved

    BOARD MEETINGS. Editorial changes were made. Change approved

    REVIEW OF MEETING MINUTES. The last sentence of the section was removed. Change approved.


    1. Awards. Patricia Crews suggested that the words ‘grants’ be added to the first sentence…shall identify worthy grants and awards program and propose them to the Board of Directors.

    III. Membership. John Comer suggested removing the last sentence, which pertains to free OLLI membership. He suggested that Doug Zatechka speak with Dee Aguilar as to whether the free membership would be given to those with Association status.

    Collegial Membership. This section was added to the document.

    Policies for Sharing Association Information. # 5 was removed from the document.

    Julie Johnson moved and Al Seagren seconded to accept all changes in the document through page 4. The vote to approve was unanimous.

    IV. Member Relations. The third sentence in this section was removed. The last sentence, the Committee is also responsible for periodically producing a recruitment brochure was moved and added to VI. Newsletter.

    Affiliated Organizations. It was suggested the last sentence of this section be removed.

    OTHER. It was suggested the sections be removed: Courtesy Committee, Video Recording and Tracking Attendance at Association Events.

    Al Seagren moved to accept the above proposed changes. Jeff Keown seconded. The vote to approve was unanimous.

  7. Second Semester Programs – Rita Kean (see Attachment C).

    Rita Kean distributed to the Board a copy of the “Yellow Card” listing the luncheon dates/speakers for Spring 2017. She reported that her meeting with Cindy Kopf at Premiere Catering was productive and the luncheons would vary and be within the budget.

  8. Awards Committee – Julie Johnson, Al Seagren, Pat Crews

    Al Seagren indicated that he, Pat and Julie would survey the BIG 10 Retirement Associations as to awards the organizations give to retirees.

    Al also asked the group for suggestions as to what awards might be appropriate, for example:

    • University service
    • Community service
    • Scholarship
  9. Benefits Committee – Doug Zatechka

    Doug Zatechka distributed the list of Benefits for members of the Emeriti/ Retirees Association. Julie Johnson suggested that the Benefits to be listed first be those for the entire Association, followed by specific benefits for Emeriti faculty.

  10. Member Relations Committee – Kay Rockwell

    The Christmas party will be hosted by Kay and Lee Rockwell at their home on December 15 at 9:30 AM. Participants are asked to bring treats and a white elephant gift.

  11. Newsletter – Julie Johnson & Doug Jose

    Doug Jose will assume responsibility for the newsletter. He asked Board members to sign up to take responsibility for writing a summary of each luncheon speaker’s presentation for the newsletter .

  12. Survey of Emeriti and Retirees Association Members – Julie

    Julie Johnson expressed the need to validate that the Association is serving UNL. She would like to send a survey to members as to their service to both UNL and the Community. John Comer, Jim Greisen, Roger Kirby, Doug Zatechka, John Bernthal and Doug Jose volunteered to serve on the committee to develop and follow through with the survey.

  13. Membership Expansion – Jim & Julie

    Jim Greisen, Julie Johnson and Rita Kean will meet with Bruce Currin in January to discuss effective ways to reach new retirees and invite them to join the Association.

  14. New Brochure – Julie

    Julie Johnson distributed an example of a brochure about the Emeriti Association and asked for assistance in developing an updated copy. Jeff Keown suggested she contact Amy Struthers in the College of Journalism about receiving help from the promotion and advertising student group, the Yacht Club. He has had good success working with them.

  15. Program of Work for 2017 – Julie (see Attachment D).

    Julie Johnson thanked Jim Griesen on behalf of the UNL Emeriti/Retirees Association for his dedicated and excellent work as 2016 President of the Association. Julie Johnson distributed the Program of Work for 2017 and asked Board members to send her additional ideas.

  16. Nomination for Association Membership
    • Julie Johnson recommended that Aldine Harmon and Judy Hofeldt be invited to join the Emeriti/ Retirees Association.
    • Jim Greisen recommended Roshan Pajnigar and Peg Fillliez be invited to join the Emeriti Retirees Association.

The nominations were unanimously approved.

Submitted By: Rita Kean, Treasurer