Benefits for Emeriti and Retirees

Benefits for Emeriti and Retirees

UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association Benefits Committee, Revised January 16, 2018 Doug Zatechka, Chair

Association Benefits for All Members

  1. Sponsored by the Association, all members are invited to monthly presentations by distinguished speakers on topics relevant to the welfare and interest of the members. Lunch is available. Those attending may also “brown-bag” their own lunches. 
  2. The Association sponsors special events and field trips, as well as reoccurring “coffee house” social gatherings each year for all members. 
  3. All members receive a Spring and Fall newsletter via email that reviews activities and happenings of the Association and its members. Information is also posted on the Association website at
  4. Courtesy memberships are provided to surviving spouses. 
  5. The Association Board of Directors mindfully monitors death notices in the local press and elsewhere and posts information on the website regarding deceased members who are honored with a moment of silence at monthly membership meetings. 
  6. Members are eligible for the awards given by the Association. 
  7. Members are represented by Board members at meetings with the UNL Chancellor, NU President, other administrators and groups during each year. 
  8. The NU Foundation and the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association sponsor a fall luncheon for all members. 

University Benefits Available to All Members 

  1. All members may continue to participate in the University’s medical and dental insurance programs at full cost. 
  2. With permission of the instructor and upon payment of an annual fee, all members may obtain a “Senior Learning Passport” allowing them to sit in on a maximum of two designated UNL undergraduate courses per semester. 
  3. All members are eligible to continue membership in Campus Recreation at the annual fee paid at the time of retirement, locking in the rate. The fee can be paid annually or per semester. If membership lapses for more than one year, it may be renewed, but at the current annual rate. All members may also purchase a membership at the current annual rate. 
  4. The Athletic Ticket Office allows emeriti faculty to purchase tickets for athletic events on the same basis as current employees (BOR Policy 4.2.6). Non-emeriti faculty and all retired staff maintain the same priority level they held during employment, however tickets must have been purchased for ten consecutive years prior to retiring to retain this privilege. 
  5. Events sponsored by the University Program Council at the Student Union are available to all emeriti retirees at the same discounts as regular faculty. 
  6. Subscriptions to Nebraska Today, the on-line newsletter available by email, are available to all at the following website:
  7. Emeriti and retiree members interested in developing sound, personalized budget preparation and managing available resources within that budget can access assistance at the Student Money Management Center located in the City Union. Services are without cost and generally limited to no more than two visits. This office does not offer financial investment advice. Call 402-472-9093 for an appointment. 
  8. The Nebraska Alumni Association's free career coaching services are extended to members of the Emeriti and Retirees Association. Alumni Career Specialist Dr. Larry Routh can address questions and provide guidance for individuals seeking "encore careers" or part-time employment. Fees may be charged for individuals desiring extensive or ongoing assistance. Contact Larry at or 402-472-8916. 

Emeriti Benefits Granted by the Board of Regents 

  1. When emeritus faculty are called upon to act as references for former students, to furnish information to earlier associates, or to perform any other similar university service stemming from a responsibility which continues beyond their retirement, they are entitled to use official stationary and other departmental office privileges as is customary. 
  2. Special privileges within a department relating to office space or desk and use of research facilities, including access to the computer network, may be granted at the discretion of the dean or director, in consultation with the department head or chair. This decision will depend upon the availability of space and individual’s ongoing contribution to the university. 
  3. Emeriti are eligible for a free non-reserve (#A”) parking permit. The permit must be renewed annually. Should the permit lapse, it can be reinstated if the applicant continues to hold emeriti status. Emeriti may also purchase a reserve parking permit at a $20.00/month discount from the regular reserved permit cost. Reserved permits may be limited based on space availability. A lapse in renewal for a reserved permit ends eligibility for such a permit. 
  4. On all formal occasions, emeritus faculty are recognized on the same basis as active faculty. They do not attend departmental or faculty meetings except upon invitation by the presiding office, and then without vote, but with the privilege of the floor. 
  5. As detailed in the Graduate College Governance Document, upon the recommendation of the departmental or interdepartmental Graduate Committee, retired Graduate Faculty Members who have been appointed to emeritus status may retain the rights and privileges associated with their level of membership on the Graduate Faculty. Further, consistent with the policies of the Distinguished 
  6. Professorship Committee, emeriti faculty may retain any special professorship title as approved by the Chancellor. 

Emeriti Benefits Offered by Select UNL Units 

  1. Emeriti receive a ten percent discount to all Lied Center events. 
  2. University Housing and Dining Services offers a special reduced pricing program in their dining centers, M-F, to emeriti. The prices are approximately a 25% reduction from the public guest prices at a cost of breakfast, $5.75; lunch, $7.75; and dinner, $9.75. These meals are available in most Housing Dining Centers except lunch in Selleck. There are multiple stations presenting many different choices. Sites excluded from this service are: The Corner Deli, Nebraska Unions Food Court, Athletic Training Table, and holiday/special meals. For more information, visit: 
  3. Emeriti continue to have access to University library facilities and Digital Commons. Visit Digital Commons at:
  4. Emeriti may continue to use a University email address. 
  5. Under a UNL licensing agreement with certain vendors, emeriti are eligible for faculty discounts at UNL computer and phone stores and can purchase computer, related equipment, software and cell phones at considerable savings. They can also download, at no cost, the latest virus programs used at UNL (SYMANTEC ENDPOINT) for use on home computers and, when on campus, use the UNL wi-fi system. 
  6. Upon presentation of a UNL ID, emeriti are admitted free to the University Museum. This excludes presentations at the Planetarium. Several enhanced membership packages are available for purchase for immediate family members. See the Museum website for details at
  7. Upon presentation of a UNL ID, emeriti are admitted free to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum. For information about this Center see 
  8. Emeriti with Verizon service contracts through UNL Computer Store receive low cost activation for international service when traveling abroad. The service can be activated on an existing device or a loaner phone programmed for international calling, using an existing phone number, free of charge. The holder of the phone remains responsible for the monthly service plan charges, texting charges, and per minute charges associated with the country(s) visited, as well as a one-time low-cost service charge. There are also unlimited international data options available. Contact the UNL Phone Store for details at 402-472-5151. 
  9. Emeriti receive a subscription to the Nebraska Alumni Association publication Nebraska Magazine. Emeriti may also take advantage of the Nebraska Alumni Association’s senior membership that features rates discounted from 20-50% depending on the length and type of membership. For more information go to: or 402-472-2841.