General Benefits for all UNL Emeriti 

1. Emeriti are eligible for a free non-reserved ("A") parking permit. The permit must be renewed annually. Should the permit lapse, it can be reinstated if the applicant continues to hold emeriti status. Emeriti may also purchase a reserved parking permit at a $20.00/month discount from the regular reserved permit cost.  Reserved permits may be limited based on space availability. A lapse in renewal for a reserved permit ends eligibility for such a permit.

2. Emeriti who hold a discounted season ticket to an athletic event at the time of retirement and who have also held season tickets for ten years prior to retirement retain the privilege of obtaining discounted tickets to the event.

3. Emeriti receive a ten percent discount to all Lied Center events.

4. With the approval of the dean or director, in consultation with the department head or chair of the relevant unit, emeriti may be granted, subject to availability and on-going contributions, special privileges such as office space and research facilities.

5. Emeriti continue to have access to University library facilities and the Digital Commons. Visit Digital Commons at at:

6. Emeriti may continue to participate in the University's medical and dental insurance programs at full cost.

7. With permission of the instructor and upon payment of an annual fee, emeriti may obtain a "Senior Learning Passport" allowing them to audit a maximum of two designated UNL undergraduate courses per semester.

8. There is an annual spring luncheon sponsored by the University President for emeriti from all NU campuses and there is a fall luncheon co-sponsored by the NU Foundation and the UNL Emeriti Association for UNL emeriti members.

9. Upon presentation of a UNL ID, emeriti are eligible for faculty discounts at the University Bookstore.

10. Emeriti are eligible to continue membership in Campus Recreation at the annual fee paid at the time of retirement, locking in the rate. T he fee can be paid annually or per semester. If membership lapses for more than one year, it can be renewed, but at the current annual rate. Emeriti may purchase a membership at the current annual rate.

11. Emeriti may continue to use a University email address.

12. Emeriti are eligible for faculty discounts at UNL computer stores and can buy computers, related equipment, software and cell phones at considerable savings from vendors with a UNL licensing agreement. They can also download, at no cost, the latest virus program used at UNL (SYMANTEC ENDPOINT) for use on home computers and when on Campus use the UNL Wi-Fi system.

13. Upon presentation of a UNL ID, emeriti, spouses/partners, children and grand children under 18 are admitted free to the University Museum. This excludes presentations at the Planetarium.

14.  At University and department formal occasions, emeriti are treated on par with UNL working faculty. Emeriti do not attend departmental or faculty meetings, unless invited by the presiding officer. When invited, they are free to speak but ineligible to vote. 

15.  Upon recommendation of the relevant Graduate Committee, emeriti retain the rights and privileges associated with their level of membership on the Graduate Faculty. Emeriti also retain special professorship titles as approved by the Chancellor.

16. Emeriti are entitled to use official stationary and office privileges associated with any official university duties that extend beyond their retirement.

17. Events sponsored by the University Program Council at the Student Union are available to emeriti at regular faculty discounts.

18. Upon presentation of a UNL ID, emeriti receive a 20% discount on parking at Park N Go at Epply Airport in Omaha. Membership in their Frequent Parker Program provides for faster checkout from the lot and a record of accumulated points toward earning free parking. 

19. Emeriti with Verizon service contracts through the UNL Computer Store receive low cost activation for international service when traveling abroad. The service can be activated on an existing device or a loaner phone programmed for international calling, using an existing phone number, free of charge. T he holder of the phone remains responsible for monthly service plan charges, texting charges and per minute charges associated with the country(s) visited, as well as a one-time $3.99 service charge. There are also unlimited international data options available. Contact the UNL Phone Store at 472-5151 for details.

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