Become A Member

Membership is open to persons holding Emeriti status from UNL, those holding Emeriti status from another university or college, and those officially retired UNL professional, office and service personnel who are 55 years or older and have worked ten years or more for the university.

Emeritus status is awarded to UNL faculty at the time of retirement in recognition of significant contributions to teaching, research, extension, and/or administration. For UNL faculty, the process is initiated by a vote of departmental faculty. For UNL A-line administrators, the process begins with a recommendation from the individual's immediate supervisor.

Others eligible for membership are approved by the Emeriti and Retiree Association Governing Board.

Candidates for membership will submit an application to Roger Kirby, Membership Chair at

2625 Devoe Drive, Lincoln, NE 68506-3189


Please fill out and submit the on-line application below, or click here MSWord Application print and fill out the application and mail to the above street address.