April 2018 Board Minutes

April 2018 Board Minutes

Members Present: Present were: John Bernthal, John Comer, Duane Eversoll, Jim Griesen, Julie Johnson, Earl Hawkey, Doug Jose, Rita Kean, Roger Kirby, Jack Schinstock, Vi Schroeder

President Kean called the meeting to order at 1:30pm. She reported Vice President Jeff Keown’s health continues to improve.

 1. Memory Moments.

  • Ariel Bybee, former Glenn Korff School of Music Artist-in-residence and Associate Professor of Voice. Spouse of Jim Ford, Professor of English
  • ZB Mayo, Professor of Entomology
  • Stanley Alfred Sipple, Accounting
  • Kenneth Holm, Printing Services
  • James Richter, Server Systems Administration

2. Approval of March Board Meeting Minutes. Approval moved to April meeting.

 3. Nebraska Alumni Association Update. Shelley Zaborowski, Executive Director, Nebraska Alumni Association, provided an informational update about NAA activities:

  • NAA is having a promotion for 20% off the price of all life memberships (including senior life memberships). Currently 25,000 members, about the midpoint of membership in the Big 10.
  • July 20 NAA will hold its first Future Husker University. Grandparents are encouraged to bring grandchildren ages 7-13 to campus for the day for a first university experience.
  • NAA’s involvement in the advocacy campaign for university funding was successful. 1% cut has been signed, Huskers for Higher Education encouraged alums to write/call state senators, and the NAA-sponsored tour throughout Nebraska was well attended although those who came were already supportive.
  • Facilities update included the opening of the south wall in the Wick garden to make its use more inviting. There is also an RFP out for sculptors interested in designing a sculpture for the garden representing the university. In addition, the library of the Wick Center will be updated to show interesting artifacts of the university’s history.
  • The Nebraska Magazine is available on the website with back issues being added.
  • Commencement in May will be the largest ever and the last with all undergradautes in one ceremony. Encouraged emeriti and retirees to help NAA greet guests at commencement.

 4. Reports.

  • Financial—Treasurer Earl Hawkey reported the association is in a positive financial situation. He issued one check to the library to cover honoraria for all speakers in a year. He also continues to receive undeliverable newsletters which he passes on to Roger Kirby.
  • Membership—Roger Kirby distributed a membership report:
    • 474 members in good standing, including 236 annual dues paying, 147 life members, and 89 spousal members.
    • 146 on membership roster one-three years in arrears in dues payment. They will be eliminated from roster after three years of non-payment.
    • In December 2017 234 dues requests were sent out; so far 138 payments received totaling $3,525.
    • 45 retiree members during first full year of eligibility with 12 arrears in dues.
    • In December 2018 371 dues requests will be sent out.
  • Awards—Neither Al Seagren nor Pat Crews were able to attend the board meeting, but they provided a report recommending the following awards be approved and announced at the April general membership meeting.
    • Service to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Award: John Bernthal
    • Service to the Community Award: Richard A. Dienstbier
      • Wisherd Award for Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities Grant (two recipients, both enthusiastically endorsed by respective department chairs)
        • Donald P. Weeks, Development and Application of Gene Editing Techniques for Use in Algal Systems--$2,000
        • Donald Johnson, Preservation of the USS Arizona: $1,750

Discussion followed. It was decided the awards, with certificates, would be given at the April general membership meeting, and photographs would be taken for use in the next newsletter.

  • Policies and Bylaws--no report.
  • Newsletter—Doug Jose and Julie Johnson reported on the content that has been received and what is needed for the fall newsletter. Jack Schinstock will write a summary of the last speaker, Doug Jose will cover Matt Waite, and Vi Schroeder will contact Kim Hachiya for a summary of her presentation. Suggested profiles: Jim O’Hanlon, Vi Schroeder, John Kelty (Physics). Julie has been taking pictures and will continue keeping the newsletter in mind.
  • Website/webpage—John Comer reported materials are either up-to-date or being updated.
  • Faculty Senate—Jack Schinstock reported a busy Faculty Senate meeting:
    • Chancellor Green attended and reported good enrollment (up 5%), research funding up 8%, appreciation of support for budget situation, and changes with commencement for 2019.
    • Lengthy discussion on new attendance policy (and the amendment to amend). The current policy has not been changed since 1971, and amended new policy written by students was approved.
    • Climate Policy and dual authorization were also discussed.

5. Luncheons and Association Meetings.

  • Thursday, Aril 19, 21st Century Technologies for Agricultural Production Systems, Dr. Joe Luck, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist for Precision Agriculture Biological systems Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Speakers for Fall Luncheons
    • Rita Kean contacted AD Moos’ assistants about speaking at a fall luncheon. She completed and submitted the official request form and is waiting to hear.
    • Kean distributed a list of possible speakers for fall luncheons and led a discussion regarding other possible speakers. New suggestions included Jane Potter and Marv Carlson.
    • A discussion followed about alternative places to hold general membership meetings as the luncheons are expensive and complaints continue to be received. Options discussed included Nebraska Innovation Campus (coffee and room rental, not lunch), athletic facility (especially if the AD accepts our request to speak), and the Lancaster County Extension Office.

 6.  Updates.

  • Meeting with UNOPA—President Kean and Past President Johnson will be meeting with UNOPA on April 10.
  • Retirement Seminar—President Kean will present the association at the April 11 university retirement seminar.
  • Spring OLLI Course—President Kean reported an interesting course on the history of the university. She also encouraged members to respond to the request for information about the merging of the campuses in 1968.
  • Tour of Cather Pound Complex March 23—President Kean expressed thanks to Kay Rockwell and Doug Zatechka for arranging a very successful tour attended by approximately 50 people.
  • NEB150—President Kean reported the Nebraska Commission of 150 facilitated an interesting and helpful discussion regarding the charting of the university’s course for the next 25 years. Several association members attended. A suggestion was made that this type of discussion might be held as a coffee for members in May since there is no president’s luncheon.

 7. Coffee House Chats.

  • April 11—Haymarket Courtyard (808 P Street) with Crescent Moon Coffee Shop as the alternative site in case of inclement weather.
  • May 9—Outside deck at Wilderness Ridge.

 8. Brochures. President Kean and Past President Johnson led a discussion about printing more association brochures. An additional 1,000 will be printed and the address for the Wick Alumni Center will be updated at the same time.

 9. Other Issues. President Kean announced that Patrice McMahon, the director of the Honors Program, would like to have more interaction with emeriti.

 Meeting adjourned at 2:30pm.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Vi Schroeder, Secretary

Submitted By: Vi Schroeder