April 2019 Board Minutes

April 2019 Board Minutes East Campus Union

Members Present: John Bernthal, John Comer, Pat Crews, Sue Gildersleeve, Kim Hachiya, Earl Hawkey, Doug Jose, Rita Kean, Jeff Keown, Jack Schinstock, Vi Schroeder

President Jeff Keown called the meeting to order at 1:30pm.

1. Proposed Meeting Schedule 2019-2020. President-Elect Jack Schinstock distributed a proposed meeting schedule for executive committee, board, and luncheon meetings 2019-2020. Schedule alternates meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays and provides a luncheon meeting during fall and spring breaks to help with parking. The proposed schedule was approved and will be posted on the webpage.

2. Minutes. Jack Schinstock moved, John Bernthal seconded the approval of the March 14, 2019 minutes of the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association Board Meeting. Motion carried.

3. Memory Moments. No report.

4. Financial Report. Treasurer Earl Hawkey reported the association fiscally solvent. He reminded the board of the need to recapitalize money in both the Foundation Wisherd account and the Foundation UNL ERA account. Hawkey made a motion that $10,000 of the Wisherd account and $2,000 of the UNL ERA account be recapitalized. Jack Schinstock seconded the motion. Motion carried.

5. Membership. No report, however, it was decided the association newsletters would not be distributed by U.S. mail to those members without email as the newsletters are posted on the webpage.

6. Volunteer Opportunities. Past President Rita Kean reported on possible volunteer opportunities.

  • Honors Program. Kean was encouraged that “the masters” might have opportunities to provide a lecture or two in a course or a stand-alone “pop-up” course held over a weekend of for only a few weeks instead of having to commit to a full semester. There have been a couple of emeriti contacts with the Honors Program and the possibilities seem more encouraging.
  • Student Affairs. Kean provided detailed information of volunteer opportunities within Student Affairs. She will present the list to the membership at the association April luncheon.
    • Student Conduct Board—4-5 positions, 2-3 hearings per month) (contact Dr. Jake Johnson, johnson@unl.edu)
    • Moderating Academic Integrity Conversations—based on faculty need, provie guidance for new faculty regarding academic integrity due process, and procedural requirements (contact Dr. Jake Johnson, johnson@unl.edu)
    • Student Mentors/Coaches—connecting with students who have made regrettable choices as part of students’ sanctions  (contact Dr. Jake Johnson, johnson@unl.edu
    • Mendela Washington Fellowship--need representatives from varying expertise and disciplines to meet one-on-one with Mandela Fellow (contact Linda Major, lmajor1@unl.edu)
    • Nebraska Disaster Recovery Service Corps—receive regular and timely messages about disaster recover initiatives for possible engagement (contact Dr. Linda Moody, lmoody2@unl.edu
    • Husker Civic Challenge—Husker community completing 1.5 million service hours in 2019 in honor of UNL’s 150th birthday. Visit https//engage.unl.edu/civicchallenge (contact Dr. Linda Moody, lmoody2@unl.edu)
  • First Generation Project. Kean reported individuals who are interested in participating in First Generation should sign up individually on the website.
  • May 4 Commencement. Contact Katie Brock, kbrock@huskeralum.org to sign up to volunteer.

7. Programs.

  • President-Elect Jack Schinstock reported the April 18, 2019 general membership luncheon will be held in the Nebraska East Union at 11:30am. The speaker will be Fred Luthans. So far there are 36 registrations, 22 ordering lunch.In addition to Kean reporting on volunteer opportunities, Charlyne Berens will make an announcement about the OLLI program. Pat Crews also will notify the membership of the change in when awards will be publically announced (move from April to the Foundation luncheon in September).
  • Schinstock is continuing to evaluate locations for the fall programs and having programs during fall and spring breaks will provide additional options.
  • Schinstock is working with a list of possible topics/speakers for the fall and spring programs. He is actively seeking additional suggestions from board members and attempting to provide some with unique venues including the UNL Band.

8. Coffee House Chats. Planned Coffee House Chats include:

  • May 8, 2019, 9:30am—Home and garden of Doug Jose, 8900 N. 162nd  St.,Bennet
  • June 12, 2019, 9:30am—Home of Don and Rita Weeks
  • July 10, 2019, 9:30am—Lodge at Wilderness Ridge

9. Fall Tour. An association fall tour of the new Student Health Center and College of Nursing is scheduled for August 14, 2019. Tour will begin with coffee in the Cather Dining Hall, then the tour at 9:30

10. Awards. Awards Committee Chair Pat Crews announced the service award recipients have chosen to which organization/fund they wish to have their stipend given: one to Clinton School and the other to the Student Fund in UNL Scholarships and Financial Aid.

11. Other Updates.

  • Foundation Luncheon. President Keown has made contact with the Foundation. Information on date forthcoming.
  • Liaisons with Faculty Senate. UAAD, UNOPA. No volunteers have stepped forward. Search will continue.
  • Pre-retirees Meetings. President Keown will present information about the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association at two pre-retirement sessions on April 24, 2019. Over 100 people are expected at each session.
  • Baseball Game. The Nebraska-Michigan baseball game on May 18, 2019 at 2:05pm has been designated as one UNL ERA members might attend as a group. Kim Hachiya will check on buying a block of tickets. More information will be presented at the luncheon next week if available.
  • Meeting with the Chancellor. President Keown will contact Ronnie Green’s office to schedule the annual association meeting with the chancellor (president, president-elect, and past president).

 Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm.




Submitted By: Vi Schroeder, Secretary