April 2019 Association Minutes

April 2019 Association Minutes East Campus Union

 President Jeff Keown called the meeting to order at 11:45am.

 1. Announcements.

  • Future Meeting Location(s). President Keown encouraged members to check their email for locations of meetings in the fall as the Great Plains Room at the Nebraska East Union will be closed for renovation.
  • Volunteer Opportunities. Past President Rita Kean provided a handout listing  UNL Student Affairs volunteer opportunities for emeriti/retirees. Opportunities include:
    • Student Conduct Board—4-5 positions, 2-3 hearings per month) (contact Dr. Jake Johnson, johnson@unl.edu)
    • Moderating Academic Integrity Conversations—based on faculty need, provie guidance for new faculty regarding academic integrity due process, and procedural requirements (contact Dr. Jake Johnson, johnson@unl.edu)
    • Student Mentors/Coaches—connecting with students who have made regrettable choices as part of students’ sanctions  (contact Dr. Jake Johnson, johnson@unl.edu
    • Mendela Washington Fellowship--need representatives from varying expertise and disciplines to meet one-on-one with Mandela Fellow (contact Linda Major, lmajor1@unl.edu)
    • Nebraska Disaster Recovery Service Corps—receive regular and timely messages about disaster recover initiatives for possible engagement (contact Dr. Linda Moody, lmoody2@unl.edu
    • Husker Civic Challenge—Husker community completing 1.5 million service hours in 2019 in honor of UNL’s 150th birthday. Visit https//engage.unl.edu/civicchallenge (contact Dr. Linda Moody, lmoody2@unl.edu)
  • OLLI. Charlyne Berends reminded members of the great opportunity for lifelong learning through OLLI program at UNL. Designed for adults 50 years plus, OLLI offers non-credit courses, events, travel opportunities and lectures. Membership ($75 annually) is required to take most courses and events, however, one course is identified per term (2 annually) for UNL ERA members to attend by paying the course fee onlywithout paying the OLLI membership fee. For more information, https://olli.unl.edu.
  • UNL ERA Awards. Awards Chair Pat Crews announced award recipients have been chosen, but the formal presentation of awards will be moved from the April general membership meeting to the September meeting sponsored by the University Foundation, the Alumni Association, and the Chancellor’s Office. Invitations will be sent for this event.

2. Program. President Keown introduced the luncheon speaker, Dr. Fred Luthans, University and George Holmes Distinguished Professor of Management, College of Business, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Luthan’s presentation title: Positive Psychological Capital: Recognizing and Developing the Hero Award. Luthans’ recent research provides scientific criteria for evidence- based psychological capital. The first-order positive psychological resources that make up PsyCap include hope, efficacy resilience, and optimism, the HERO within. Luthans discussed current and future application of the research, then took questions from the floor. As a follow-up to his presentation, Luthans provided all UNL ERA members with a copy of the article, “Psychological Capital: an Evidence-Based Positive Approach”.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45pm.



Submitted By: Vi Schroeder, Secretary