April 2015 Association Minutes

April 2015 Association Minutes

Members Present: A luncheon was served to approximately 78 members plus 3 non-eating members in the Conference Center of Innovation Campus.

Business Meeting. Duane Eversoll, president, convened the business meeting at 12:05 pm.

1. Memory Moments were held for:

Donald Uerling, Educational Administration

Bob Woolman, Extension Educator

2. Jim Griesen reported the planning committee for the Big X Retiree’s Conference for 2016 is meeting immediately after the Emeriti meeting today.

3. Duane Eversoll reported that Jeff Koewn will replace Bob Diffendal as Senate Liaison.

4. Roger Kirby, Membership Chair, asked that dues of be sent to him so he can update membership records.

5. Nancy Aden, reported that a “Coffee House Chats” will be held tomorrow, April 15, 2015, at 9:30 am, in the Haymarket Courtyard, weather permitting, otherwise in the Cresent Moon Coffee House at 8th and P streets.

6. Peter Levitov, reported that the International Discussion group meets on the first Wednesday of the month at Stouffer’s Pie Shop on South 48th street at 3:00 pm. They will not meet during the summer. The next meeting is May 6, 2015.

7.Duane Eversoll announced that the President’s Luncheon for Retirees will be May 27, 2015, at LaVista, NE. All will receive invitations to this annual event.

8.The Alumni Association is in need of volunteers for two things:

(a) Spring Commencement volunteers to greet attendees at the Pinnacle Arena on Saturday, May 9th, to serve from 8:00 am to 9:30 am. Contact Ashley Stone by Friday, April 24th at astone@huskeralum.org or 402-472-8920.
(b)Transcription Volunteers to preserve digitally the past UNL yearbooks. This work requires a computer and internet access. Go to http://transcribe.unl.edu; click on the “Yearbook project”; make an account if you wish; select a yearbook/page to transcribe; type what is on the page; and click: “Save”.

Program: Vice-President and Program Chair, James Griesen, introduced Dan Duncan, Executive Director of the Nebraska Innovation Campus, and Kate Engel, Community Engagement and Operations Manager for the Nebraska Innovation Campus. They were each thanked with a gift of an Emeriti Mug and gift bag. Information about the current status, and future developments for Innovation Campus were reviewed along with a question and answer period following the introduction. The group then divided into two groups to tour the current facilities including resources of the Conference Center, the hands-on workshop for innovators, the greenhouse providing controlled research data collection, and the progress on the Food Sciences building that will open July 1, 2015, with classes in the fall.

5 .Meeting was adjourned at 1:25 pm.

Submitted By: Delivee Wright, Secretary