Memory Moment

The Memory Moment is part of each UNL Emeriti and Retiree Association membership meeting.

It is a time of silence following a reading of the names of Association members or their spouses who have passed away since the last membership meeting.

Members whose deaths were noted:


At the February meeting:  LuAnne Anderson, Glenna Chamberlin, Allen Edison, Franklin Eldridge, Glenn Froning, Betty Johnson, Melvin Lyon, Eugene Martin, Eunice Spencer.


At the October 19 meeting: John Ballard, Dona Brockly, Theresa Dolezal, Earl Ellington, Charles Godwin, Robert Hansen, Allan McCutcheon, Prem Paul, Wilfred Schutz,Thomas Thompson

At the March 17 meeting: Beryle Irene Adams, Spouse of Charles H. Adams, Walter Thaine Bagley,
Mary Ellen Ahler Chambers Bodman, Fred Holbert, Robert M. (Bob) Koch, Barbara A. Kuhn, and Marley Tobian.

At the February 18 meeting: Charlotte Marie Holm, Widow of William Holm, Anne Johnson, Dennis Schneider, Inge Worth, Widow of Manfred Keller, Widow of Peter Worth.

At the January 19 meeting: Harley Batie, Raymond Burchett, George Holdren, Lou Leviticus, Gary Meisters, Irene Ruzicka, Charles Stubblefield.


At the November 17 meeting: Barbara Guenter, Spouse of Robert Guenter, Dorothy Johnson, Spouse of Don Johnson, Morris Schneider, Lois Schwab, and Mary Jane Steward, Spouse of Cecil Steward.

At the October 15 meeting: Neil Munson, Eugene Merchant, Jayne Wade Anderson, Judy Wendorff.

At the September 17 meeting: Larry Andrews, Judy Cole, Herman Jacob Gorz, Gene Hardy, Jr., Gerald Johnson, Beverly Moser, Harold Moser, Spouse of Beverly Moser ,Gloria Papik, spouse of Elvin (Al) Papik, Jack Siegman, John Ward.

At the April 16 meeting: Bob Woolman, Monty McMahon, Donald Uerling.

At the March 19 meeting: Jack Snider, Jim Merchant, Elizabeth Davis, Agnes Adams.

At the February 19 meeting: Walter Long, Robert James Pazderka, Kay King, Monte Page.

At the January 15 meeting: Robert Brown, Don Bryant, Philip Corkill, James Knisely, Eugene Rudd, Mortecai Marcus, Cal Ward.


At the November 20, 2014 meeting: Harry Allen, W. Neal Baxter,  Francis Belohlavy, Michelle Deaton, Harold Mosher,spouse of Beverly Mosher, Katharine Riddle, Herbert F. Schliesser,  and Dale Swartzendruber.

At the October 16, 2014 meeting: Connie Fleming spouse of Dick Fleming,  Norman Geske,  Pearl Goldenstein spouse of the late Erwin Goldenstein, Naomi Kay Hull spouse of Ron Hull, James G. Kendrick,  Daniel B. Lutz,  Ralph R. Marlette,  Walter Mientka.

At the April 19, 2014 meeting:  Barbara (Bobbi) Allen, Gordon A. Gallup, James M. May, Glenn W. Peterson, and Frank A. Smith.

At the March 3, 2014 meeting: Ted H. Doane, Charles Gardner, and Frank Smith.

At the February 2, 2014 meeting: Lawrence Ehlers,  Charles Gardner, John Gradwohl, Donald Hanway, Sr.,Willis Moreland, and John Taylor.

At the January 16, 2014 meeting: Dorothy (Dee) Hughes, William (Bill) Sesow, Thomas Sheffield, and Richard R.Wood.


At the November 19, 2013 meeting: Robert (Bob) Bergstrom.

At the October 17, 2013 meeting: Allen Boetcher, Dennis Bormann, Richard Lonsdale, James McShane, Dick Thien, Nelson Potter, Jr., Sam Treves, Emily Trickey widow of Richard Trickey, and Ruth Hayes widow of Dale Hayes.

At the April 18, 2013 meeting: Eunice Eddy, widow of Lyle Eddy, Lyle Schreiner, and Clayton Rivers.

At the March 19, 2013 meeting: Bert Alfrey, Hazel Crain, Ruth Levinson, Fran Reinehr, spouse of Paul Olson, and Lona Uerling, spouse of Donald Uerling.

At the January 15, 2013 meeting: Gary Garey, Lee Witters, John Weymouth, and Lyle Young.


At the November 13, 2012 meeting: Wendall Robison, Arthur Hagen, Essie Thomas, John Woodward, Dorothy Zimmerman, and Herb Howe, Jr., a Past President of this Association.

At the October 18, 2012 meeting: William E. Splinter and David Seyler.

At the September 18, 2012 meeting: Oliver Grace, Mary Doak, Richard Harnsberger, Richard Kafonek, George Maglitz, and Wendell Robinson.

At the April 19, 2012 meeting: Robert Anderson, Richard E. Bradley, Eunice Beran, Judy Driskell, Tom Leisy, Mabel Skjlver, Robert McDougal, John Orr, Wallace Peterson, and Robert Fuller, a Past President of this Association.

At the March 20, 2012 meeting: Harvey Hinshaw, Ray and Carol Miller.

At the January 17, 2012 meeting: James C. Kimberly.


At the November 15, 2011 meeting: Rodney O. Dillon.

At the October 19, 2011 meeting: Fred Link.

At the September 20, 2011 meeting: Deon Axthelen, Howard Collins, John Hardy, Stephen J. Levin, June Perry Levine, Marian Mesner, widow of Dale Mesner, Rollin D. Schneider, and Ed Zimmerman.

At the April 21, 2011 meeting: Ray Haggh, Bob Katz, Henry Kumpost, and Bill Long.

At the January 18, 2011 meeting: Jane Davidson, widow of John Davidson, Vera Grace, Jaroslaw Kohl. Roger Pabian, Marie Jordan Sanwick, Marv Serfina, David Seyler, Edward Vitzhum, and Edward Zimmerman.


At the September 21, 2010 meeting: Peter Worth, David Hamnett, Gayle Halton, Norman Schneider, Werner Leinfeller, and James Cole.

At the April 22, 2010 meeting: David Hamnett, Philip Henderson, Richard Mills, and Jim Nichols.

At the March 16, 2010 meeting: Robert Guenter.

At the February 18, 2010 meeting: Gordon Culver.

At the January 19, 2010 meeting: Shirley Kreutz-Bennett, James Fejfar, Robert W. Harris, Robert W. Kleis, and Dale Marsh Mesner.


At the November 19, 2009 meeting: Mary Hall Hildebrand, Eric Keh, Marie Knickrehm, and Ernest Peo.

At the September 24, 2009 meeting: Joe Aguilar, Lou Crompton, Wilma Crumley, Louis Daigger, James Emal, Frank Hallgren, Pete Jenkins, Paul Mattern, R. Burt Maxcy, Audun Ravnan, T. Mylan Stout, Ward Sybouts, Les Whipp, Helen Boosalis widow of Mike Boosalis, Virginia McCalla, widow of Tom McCalla, and Patricia Meyers widow of Verner Meyers.

At the April 21, 2009 meeting: Lloyd Jackson.

At the March 17, 2009 meeting: Edward Homze, Jim Gibson, Desmond Wheeler, Leon Chesnin, and David Fowler.

At the February 17, 2009 meeting: Robert Knoll, James Gunnerson, and Betty Johnson.


At the November 18, 2008 meeting: Mildred (Millie) Ozaki widow of Ron Ozaki.

At the October 21, 2008 meeting: Rose Marie Tondl and Albert Book.

At the September 23, 2008 meeting: Viola Damkroger, Elizabeth Kime, Robert Emile, Dorothy Hansen widow of Max Hansen, Marybeth Geier widow of Jacob Geier, Elizabeth Ernst widow of George Ernst, Mary Jo Hughes widow of Russell Hughes, Waldo Penner widower of Marie Penner, and Olive Copple widow of Neal Copple.

At the April 15, 2008 meeting: Dick Boohar, Eugene M. Johnson, and Philip McVey.

At the January 22, 2008 meeting: Abe Epp and William "Bill" Lutes.


At the October 16, 2007 meeting: Myron Brakke, C. Barron McIntosh, Robert Guenzel, Everett Peterson, Doris Warren widow of Dick Warren, Robert Bowman, Henry Grether, Dorcas Cavett, Ray Coffey, Rita Frolik widow of Elvin Frolik, and John Furrer.

At the February 20, 2007 meeting: Bill Swanson, Lynn Lutgen, Louis Rudman, Donald Pierce, Marie Penner, and Virginia Bagley widow of Walter Bagley.

At the January 16, 2007 meeting: Laura Casari and Lois Collings.


At the November 16, 2006 meeting: Ruth Ganshorn, Delno Knudsen, and Violet Kaylan-Masik.

At the October 19, 2006 Meeting: Gail Butt, Jr., Earl Dickinson, Vincent Dreeszen, Hall Gildersleeve, Catherine Indra, Larry Lusk, Jane Munson, Emery Nelson, Keith Newhouse, LeRoy Peters, George Rowe, Richard Tyler, and Eugene Wright.

At the April 20, 2006 Meeting: Theodore Jorgensen, and Cyril Bish.

At the March 16, 2006 Meeting: Henry Baumgarten and Russell Nelson.

At the January 19, 2006 Meeting: James Rawley.


At the October 20, 2005 Meeting: Frank Dudek, Frances McCreight, Glen Sloan, and James McGraw

At the April 21, 2005 Meeting: Max Schuster, Robert Stepp, and Gail Wicks.

At the February 17, 2005 Meeting: Charles Stonecipher.

At the January 20, 2005 Meeting: Roberto Esquenazi Mayo.